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False and Naïve Expectations Can Ruin Hard Won Peace

Peace has dawned upon Sri Lanka. For the first time in 27 years Traditional New Year celebrations took place in an atmosphere of peace. First peaceful Independence Day, first peaceful Christmas and the first peaceful election were other firsts lately. Will peace last?

Answers depend on the sentiments in formerly war-torn areas. After the wipe out of the LTTE, violence is not a yardstick to measure the level of peace. But the voting pattern is. Has anything changed in the voting pattern of North-East Tamils in 2010? The answer is not much. Even the small change that has taken place cannot be attributed to a lasting and genuine factor. For instance armed paramilitary politico-military groups roam the streets of Jaffna District. Interestingly they only managed to win seats in the Jaffna District! It says a lot about the real reasons for their bettered performance. Displaced civilians cause another complexity. Only some displaced civilians were provided with facilities to vote. In another strange outcome, displaced civilians overwhelmingly voted for the government minister in charge of their welfare who was active in arranging them transport facilities on the election day!

These abnormalities clearly are exceptions than the norm of North-East voting pattern. If people were allowed to vote in an atmosphere of no IDPs and no armed paramilitaries, the result would have been different. In making long term assessments, these exceptions have to be taken out of the picture because IDPs will be soon resettled fully and armed paramilitary groups will eventually be forced to toe the line.

A clear, unbroken voting pattern

When these anomalies are taken out, a clear picture emerges that is the natural voting pattern of Tamils in the North-East ever since 1947. Unlike in other parts of the country, in North and the East, Tamil voters have always predominantly voted for racist political parties. This strange phenomenon is not unique to Tamils in Sri Lanka’s North and the East. It is also clearly visible in Tamil Nadu, India. Almost all other Indian states follow collective political ideologies.

e.g. secular nationalism, communism

However, racism seems to be the dominant political ideology of Tamil Nadu as it is in North and East Sri Lanka. Dravida Munethra Kazakham and All India Anna Dravida Munethra Kazakham are the dominant political parties of Tamil Nadu. Dravida is one big race that is made up of a number of Dravidian races including Tamil. North and East of Sri Lanka, and Tamil Nadu account for over 41 Tamil/Dravida political parties. Political ideology of these parties is Tamil/Dravida racism.

Since 1947, the following parties dominated Tamil politics of Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka in terms of voter numbers; All Ceylon Tamil Congress, Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi, Tamil United Liberation Front and Tamil National Alliance.

Tamil votes at the 2010 General Election in the North and the East

If what the UPFA scored island-wide is a landslide, Tamil racist parties have won a landslide among Tamil voters in the North and East. But unlike the UPFA, Tamil racist ideology always won in the North and the East. Tamil voters’ percentage is assumed to be same as ethnic distribution of the district. Votes for Tamil racist ideologies are votes received by Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK), Akila Ilankai Thamil Congress and Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal.

Trincomalee shows the highest percentage of 84% which is significant because the ITAK leader contested from the Trincomalee district. Jaffna and Vanni show low percentages because EPDP and aligned parties threw their weight around ably supported by their armed cadres. Voters’ turnout in these two election districts was low which helped this outcome.

National Security Implications

Political parties with racist or religious ideologies may they be Tamil, Sinhala or Muslim don’t go well with national security interests. Ethnic harmony and secularism are the best tools for maintaining national security. These parties not only stand in the way of ethnic harmony but openly preach racism and violence. ITAK has a long history of engaging in violence against ethnic Muslims and Sinhalas in the North and the East. Starting from 1949, ITAK carried out a number of apparently peaceful campaigns to win a separate state for Tamils including civil disobedience campaigns. However, due to the very racist nature of these campaigns they turned violent. 1958 riots broke out as a direct result of the highly racist and discriminatory “tar-brush campaign” of the ITAK where Sinhala letters were erased in all public places by applying tar on them which is a direct adaptation of the “tar-brush campaign” carried out by Tamil Nadu communalist politicians earlier against Hindi speaking people.

ITAK has again threatened civil disobedience campaigns unless their demands are granted.

It is wrong to call these “Gandhian ways” of peaceful protest. Unlike the ITAK, Gandhi never made racist demands. This type of action should be handled using force since it can arouse racial violence and is an insult to the good name Gandhi.

Communal political parties demand that security forces are withdrawn from the North East since the war has ended. If done, this can seriously jeopardize national security.

Fourth danger of communalist parties is that they act as secret promoters of separatism even when the LTTE has been wiped out. They, along with sections of the LTTE Diaspora can destabilize Sri Lanka and India. In the remote possibility of a referendum in the North East of Sri Lanka for separation, an overwhelming ‘yes’ vote would mean immense pressure on the island nation to honour their ‘democratic’ right.

However, racist political ideologies cannot be forcibly suppressed. This is especially so when Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka’s closest neighbour and the global defender of Tamil rights is heavily controlled by communal politics.

How to Face the Danger

The only democratic way to diffuse racism in politics is to ethnically integrate North East so as to make racist politics irrelevant. Success of it is seen from the election results of Trincomalee District. Although more than 80% Tamils voted for a communalist party, it lost thanks to large scale multi-ethnic settlement programs since Independence. Digamadulla is another example. Since the split from Batticaloa District, population diversity of the Digamadulla District has increased.

These proven peace building tactics should now be applied in the Northern Province.

Lousy political solutions without addressing the core issues of racism will create more trouble for the nation. Most suggested solutions will in fact empower racist political parties in a decentralized setting! That would be a total disaster regionally, nationally and internationally. This is the reason why the Northern Provincial Council has not been convened, almost a year after the war ended. A Provincial Council controlled by politicians with a racist ideology will pander into the highly active Tamil Elam campaign abroad.

Tamil Elamists should not be allowed to get peacefully what they couldn’t get in the battlefield. If danger to the nation is so grave that no other means would work, there should be no hesitation to use the military to sufficiently crush the rebellion. However, the smart thing to do is not to use the military at all. That can only be done with a process of mass ethnic integration in formerly war affected areas.

When should it start? Now. That’s because good times won’t last. While the time is right, maximum number of new multiethnic settlements has to be established in the North East.

Experimenting with untested solutions is equal to not having a solution at all. It is the noble duty of all peace loving Sri Lankans, not just patriots and nationalists, to compel the government to give a political solution based on multiethnic settlements in the North. This duty must be discharged for the sake of future generations to live in peaceful, multiethnic communities devoid of all chances of war, separation and racism. Peace loving people should not fall for crocodile tears of racist elements who will oppose multiethnic settlements in North East. Hidden behind these apparently meekly acts are the cruel intentions of racism. Anyone opposing any reasonable form of multiethnic settlements is a supporter of racism and should be treated as such. New laws are needed to punish those who don’t recognise the fundamental right of any Sri Lankan to live in any part of the island nation. And new laws should totally ban separatism and racist political parties that would divorce North East politics from Tamil Nadu politics. Adjusting the number of parliamentary seats based on new population figures is another requirement. Essential powers needed for counter-terrorism and counter-separatism now included in Emergency Regulations should be separately enacted with minimum hindrances to civilian life. Such laws should be operational by default without having to pass it in parliament month to month. Only other provisions of Emergency Regulations should remain needing parliamentary sanction monthly, if required to be implemented.


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Thusitha said...

Seven members of the Ceylon Services Association

SEVEN veterans have been badly injured after a truck careered into them during today's Anzac Day parade in Melbourne.

The accident happened in St Kilda Rd, near Southbank Boulevard about 12.35pm.

Seven members of the Ceylon Services Association have been taken to hospital, some in a critical condition, after the truck travelling behind them surged suddenly.

WTF. What were SL doing in Anzac day Parade.

Diyasena said...


Ceylonese forces were deployed in many of the the little islands in the Indian ocean, which are now Australian territory//

Diyasena said...

Good write up Moshe :)

Now it is almost 90% clear that their will be no state sponsored 'ethnic harmonization' programs..This article however gives an interesting alternative..

Like Digamadulla was carved out of Batti, making Medavachchiya and Kebithigollewa (which are closer to Vavuniya than Anuradhapura town) part of the Wanni district could be a start..

Diyasena said...

Re; UK election

Well to patriotic Sri Lankans the Tories are the lesser of the three evils..There is still hope for them getting a small outright majority..

Diyasena said...

Musammil (who revealed the Fonseka controversy) and Sobitha thero (who went to court to force CBK into declaring PE in 2005) should have been given NL seats..It's unfair to treat NFF, JHU at the same level as LSSP, CP (who got a NL seat each)..Malini Fonseka and Janaka Bandara Priyantha should have been the casualties..

Now we have only 10 full-on patriots in Parliament..

3 NFF + 3 JHU + 2 Gunawardane's from MEP + Sarath Weera and JRP Soorirapperuma..That cannot even balance off the TNA's 14

Ninja said...

60% for racism..!! If the numbers are correct please email to GR.. How about a two prong strategy? 1. Re-Col 2. Attacking politically/ manipulating/ weakening/ changing the top ranks of TNA.. No2 is what west do.. we vote for SLFP/UNP they buy and make the top leader CBK/RW their pet.. and their only failure being MR..

Pol Sambol said...

So there is no Colonisation?

Once again this idiot Government is going to learn the hard way.

Nisal - නිසල් said...

Smarter investing in Science and Higher Education

Must read article. GoSL must address this issue. Otherwise, there is no point of inviting the the SLn professionals working in overseas to return home.

Ninja said...


1 national list worth around 285,000 votes. So I think its fair to 1 each for JHU/JNP as it reflects their vote base. Question is giving same for leftist parties. Do they bring that much votes? Probably not even all leftist parties run together. JHU/JNP candidates topped the lists with WW 200,000+ and PCR 100,000+ and ARthero 100,000+. Can same is true for leftist parties? No. Last time prof ThissaW (LSSP) became last in Badulla list but appointed from NL. Even those got elected (VasudewaN, CG) came becuz of their personal popularity and not becuz of their party views. But leftist parties have same cabinet posts as JHU+MEP+JNP. This is so unfair.

Diyasena said...

Seriously some of the cabinet subjects are hilarious ..In reality we could have a much smaller cabinet..

1. Defence an Public Security

2. Finance (Includes Industry & Commerce)

3. External affairs

4. Electricity and Power (Includes Petrouleum Industries)

5. Public Administration and Home affairs (Includes Parliamentary affairs, Provincial councils and Local Government)

6. Health (Includes indegenous medicine)

7. Education

8. Ports and Aviation

9. Transport and Highways

10. Agriculture and plantation

11. Fisheries and Aquatic resources

12. Labour and Industries (Including traditional industries and small enterprises)

13. Infrastructure planning (Includes Land Development, construction and housing)

14. Justice (including rehabilitation and prison affairs)

15. Sport and youth affairs

16. Social services (Including women's and children's affairs as well as co-operatives)

17. Media, Post and telecommunication

18. Irrigation and water resources (includes drainage and water supply)

19. Envrionment and Natural Resources

20. Buddhasasana, National Heritage, Cultural affairs and Religious affairs

21. Reconciliation and national integrity (This should be there for now)

A cabinet of 20 (plus 20 deputies) !! Guys what say you?

Pol Sambol said...

British Elections,

As i explained in my previous post do not be fooled into thinking the Conservatives are going to be better for SL or worse for the die-ass-pora.

Seriously it is almost deluded notion that they will be tough on the die-ass-pora and have "new" relations with SL. They won't.

In fact things will get worse especially if they start barking the same nonsense against SL and they most defiantly will, which in turn will cement all things Labour have done.

People need to realise that Tamils within the UK/West and Sri Lanka are merely a PAWN. No nation will put our interests ahead of theirs, in fact probably only our retards do that.

Labour's policies have destroyed Britain on many levels, Libdems will do the same, so in the long term its best they continue their marxist governance lol.

LTTE ban.

People need to get real about this so called ban as well. Jack shit has happened under it. It is just eye wash so they have "cover" to prevent SL from attacking them on this angle and for them to boast "we banned the LTTE first" as if that alone exonerates them from their role in violating our human rights through their Tamilia pets. It function as another platform to attack us.

With this ban, funding INCREASED.

Honestly LTTE being unbanned will A) not make a difference and B) Give us HUGE propaganda -of course we need to know how to capitalise on such but our idiot Government still has not learnt its lesson on this matter (as it has not learnt on "getting Tamils votes" or Colonisation).

Pol Sambol said...

I believe the reason Wimal and JHU were not given seats as requested is Basil probably "concerned" about their power structure. This "use and ditch" policy really bad show on the part of Rajapakse's especially with important figures like NFF & JHU.

They fought so hard for MR at the PE, what MR did was wrong (even though Wimal attacking RajivaW was not fair and based on his own miss understanding).

It is obviously Basil blocking Colonisation as well.

Things do not look good.

Ninja said...

/Seriously some of the cabinet subjects are hilarious ..In reality we could have a much smaller cabinet..

A cabinet of 20 (plus 20 deputies) !! Guys what say you?/

Well you are right.. But this is assuming we need most efficient, scientific, logical subject divisions/ ministries.. But there is 1 more condition for MR.. pleasing his men, keep their anger and jealousy down, keep them with him...

Moshe Dyan said...

yep, now it is getting obvious govt is not interested in ethnic integration.

that is unfortunate.

UPFA is INTOXICATED by election victory and hopeful they can re-do this in 2016. well, pride goes b4 a fall.

we have to write to GR and convince him the case for colonization.

Goolge said...

Nice article Moshe, lots of things you regulary say have been brought together under one article.

This Rivira article says some things relevant to that. Not sure whether it is reliable though?

13, 17 amendments to be abolished.
New amendments to be brought in.
New chamber - Senate.
Change to limit of Presidential terms.
New electoral system.

And the following article says 2 more elections this year. One seems to be the NPC election. The other is "kottasa kramayata pavathvena palaath palaana mathivarana". What is that? District-wise elections?

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks guys.

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, there is no alternative for re-col.

the digamadulla model is actually a DISASTER compared to the other method of re-col.

let me prove it.

IF digamadulla was part of batticaloa, and recol happened at the same rate it happened, and the same number of seats were alloted to the big one district, seat allocation would have been as follows.

UPFA - 6
UNP - 3
ITAK - 2
TMVP - 1

this means i more seat for UPFA and 1 seat for TMVP. ITAK loses 2 seats!!!

(i added the votes for the 2 districts and allocated for one district. the winner got the bonus seat.)

Ian said...

Hi All Greetings.

Pol Sambol said...

The Government clearly does not realise why it is popular/winning election or more to the point thinks it can do whatever it wants now. Recipe for diaster.

Ananda-USA said...


Bravo! Excellent Article!

I heartily agree with and endorse every word of your article.

Moshe Dyan said...


greetings, mate.

we need your views here.

Moshe Dyan said...


we discussed the need to invest in education.

but ONLY UNDER STRICT limits/conditions. IF SL talent is losing, there is little sense in investing in higher education.

it must follow the capitalist model - value for money. no value for money, no more investments.

1. more emphasis is needed for KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT than producing highly qualified researchers, etc.

we did this very successfully.

e.g. batalagoda, thalavakele, marine university (if it is there???)

this is what we should expand.

2. OTOH, SL should rely on foreign produced highly educated, specialised professionals for high end expertise.

there is no point trying to produce them in SL. SL CANNOT reach that level of expertise, funding, etc. locally.

3. private participation is the key. govt should not invest too much in research, etc. let the private sector manage it. that will ensure COMMERCIAL VIABILITY.

4. but tertiary education must expand with the requirement to benefit SL. all uni grads are required to either contribute their skills for SL, or progressively pay back what they receieved at uni level.

5. certain tertiary education cources should NOT be available to everyone due to very high expenses to produce a graduate.

e.g. aeronautical engineering

this is best to keep with KDU. also increasing KDU number of graduates and specialities help SL.

Pol Sambol said...

Moshe will like this, maybe they will give us tips on building settlements

Israel attracted to investments in Sri Lanka

Pol Sambol said...

Who is Minsiter(s?) for education? Nationalists or duds?

Pol Sambol said...

Good stuff Moshe, i hope TPTB read this, but i doubt they would listen even if they did. MR is so stubborn and adamant to get Tamil votes he will not give up till he achieves this which means no colonisation at all.

His obsession with Tamil votes is idiotic, he has a "point" to prove and as a result this may lead to abuse by Tamilia as they will start the usual demand process. Old man Chelva's "little now, more later" doctrine is what they still follow.

Pol Sambol said...

Comments on GR from last topic:


Moshe Dyan said...
nine things that helped us win over the LTTE. HUMBLE gota ommits the tenth reason - GOTA!!!

any other would have put his name on top of the list!!!

e.g. cyril ranatunga - even after losing he claimed credit for a victory there never was.

the difference between winners and losers

April 24, 2010 5:27 PM

Ninja said...
/HUMBLE gota ommits the tenth reason - GOTA!!!/

Actually GR deserves to be in #1 in the list... I hope whoever writes history do it so...

April 24, 2010 6:01 PM

Sam Perera said...

Actually GR deserves to be in #1 in the list... I hope whoever writes history do it so...

Rest assured that his name will be. To his credit, he didn't try to run for an office. Instead, he did what he excelled, being a warrior. The bonus we got with his decision to not to run for a political office is that he will be watching our interests 24/7.

April 24, 2010 6:17 PM

Pol Sambol said...
The greatest thing about GR is that like a real soldier he has honour and decency.

He does not go glory hunting but stays to himself as a humble servant of Mother Lanka.

He has done HUGE amounts of work for soldiers welfare and it is angering the manner in which SoBs in the opposition went around attacking him and what that trash Gonseka said and did and still says and does (Gonseka even targeting the Ranaviru programs with his filth back in November in one of his gon speeches).

These treacherous animals out do whatever Tamilia and the West have done.

It is our duty to protect the name and honour of men like GR, and the rest of our Armed Forces from the various scum within Sri Lanka and out who will constantly be attacking him.

Make no mistake, these criminals will never stop their lies, defamation and attacks, we must be eternally vigilant, aware and ready of what they say and to counter it with the truth and reality they hate so much.
Defending Mother Lanka is something that has no end.

April 24, 2010 6:27 PM

Moshe Dyan said...


but MR being a realistic politician SHOULD know he cannot win most tamil votes. even the few won in the north were due to violence by EPDP!!

actually SLFP lost the north east tamil MP it had in 2010!!!

all elected tamil MPs are from EPDP.

UNP GAINED a north east tamil MP - maheswaran's wife.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Pitastharaya's blog article on travelling to Jaffna

Some time back, I also commented in Pitastharaya's blog. There is so many non-connected points in teh story of his friend.

Most notably, why on earth can't the Kovil Committees post the ethics of rules of conduct outside and at places that matter. They were expecting for ppl who has no idea about religion to have a full understanding on their own.

Plus, the story of a military soldier forcing an inhabitant to provide accommodation for his family, can be true, but always there is a possibility that someone has misinterpreted this story. Soldier may have told them in friendly terms [or even granting financial benefits] and the others intentionally or mistakenly miss interpreted this. We know how truth was amended before from that end.

Nevertheless I find it very difficult not to relate the story to the growing and showing Jaffna public's dislike on ppl migration even for holiday.

However the story has some points in it. For an example, water must be a precious commodity there and a lot of people going to Jaffna may cause a water shortage for all. Also some Buddhists wear "F*CK YOU" printed T shirt to their own temple, so I expect little from some individuals on self discipline. I agree our ppl are not perfect.

But then again we suffer with more long term effects of permanent migration of tamils in Colombo. Land prices hit sky high [like water, lands here is a limited commodity], and city is very untidy, some of them have "dirty and disgusting" life style [Note: this is not my opinion] as far as many in south is concerned. For an ex ppl in south hate to see a man licking fingers in a public restaurant. But they are tolerated. Tolerance means that we let them live as they are although we do not agree.

Other than the Water issue, Pitastharaya has not put a single such matter that cannot and shud not be tolerated.

One more thing, the exrtremely high number of visitors are not natural. it is caused by few tour organizers. Trend is made with madness. Ppl are tempted for Nagadeepa like they were tempted for Dolukanda and Nikaweratuiya some yrs ago. It is OK, but motive is to earn money. The line of buses in Wellawatta bound for Jaffna is longer tahn a line of buses to anywhere else at vPettah. Who earns the hefty sums? You think it is Sinhala? Mostly tamils earn out of it, and mostly they're either living or connected to Jaffna. While earning hefty sums of money, why don't you do some educational program on how to behave?

Another thing. It is obvious that for sometime ppl will be rushing to Jaffna. So instead of whining why not be an entrepreneaur? Buy some lands and put up some cheap houses [or even upto Grade One Motels] around teh peninsula. Sinhala ppl can do it. Now everyone including Pitastharaya will start screaming for Sinhala colonization if they do so.


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Pitastharaya


I saw this blog some days back, commenetd and dropped it. But when I see how far that Pitastharaya article has gone and the big ha-ho it created, I have a good feeling and a bad feeling.

It is good to spread the story no matter what we think, as any injustice will be corrected by doing so. Many ppl fwd it -> so that means there are so many hands spread for the wounded northern population and One SL One Nation dream sounds realistic.

But I wonder whether the project eelam is again raising its head on our extended meththa program. We did same in 70s and early 80s till shit hit the ceiling. These may be subtle brain wash for us to abandon recolonization. Or to organize our own against it. For an example, if the same Pitastharaya put a subtly changed article against recolonization, but wrapped in diff claims, will these blocks not forward that too? Path for that is already set by the current article.

In Piss Talk days LTTE opened a Sinhala news paper [forgot name, some "Dedunu" thing] and it was full of peace loving articles. When war started it was suddenly filled with their propa neatly packed. All piss eaters ate that shit piece also. Media is a communication protocol, once signed in, you can push many other things than what you intended.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

All right guys it is time for Sundayt night Jokes.


DPF to consider joining Govt. if invited - Mano

The Democratic Peoples Front (DPF) will consider joining hands with the government if invited, says the party leader, Mano Ganeshan.

He admitted that he had a conversation with the President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday.

He said the president was surprised that he was not selected to represent parliament.

Mr.Ganeshan contested the general election under Democratic National Party (DNP) in the central province and lost. Mr.Ganeshan who was a popular human rights campaigner and an activist for Tamils was also not selected from the national list of the DNP.

Asked whether it was a gesture for him to join the government, Mr.Ganeshan said that at present there is no urgency by the government or his party to such a move.

“The government has a majority of seats but it needs quality. If president thinks DPF has quality and extends an invitation to join the government; it is something to consider,” he said.

Mr.Ganeshan said that there is hardly anything left for him to talk with United National Party (UNP) leader, Ranil Wickremasinghe.

The central committee of his party has decided to suspend dealings with the Democratic National Front and that was the party stand now, DPF leader, Mano Ganeshan added.


“The government has a majority of seats but it needs quality. If president thinks DPF has quality and extends an invitation to join the government; it is something to consider,”

What a golden statement. Politically discarded and dumped into Bluemandel shit load by RW, this ponnaya is still not short of his ego. So the govbt "lacks quality" which it will try to get from the onwe seat party DPF. Hok hok ho.

If Quality is what they have this govt really lacks it.

It is a real test for MR BTW. Obviously the one seat of DPf is very much worthy, but will MR come into an agreement with these proven tigers. Note taht nothing has changed in their end. They are still teh same egostic bastards.

And if MR does taht DPF will not agree for anything but a NL entry for Mano Gonason, which will make a hefty pressure on MR.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Moshe what a brilliant work. And just what we badly have to discuss.

Well, many say that colonization is not gonna be govt sponsored, which is no surprise to me.

What about volunteer movements?

Moshe Dyan said...

IPL final extravaganza is sooo third worldish!!

like a poor man showing off all the few marvelous things he got even though totally irrelevant for others.

where are the russian goodwill jets?

Moshe Dyan said...


"But I wonder whether the project eelam is again raising its head on our extended meththa program."

i too get this feeling.

1. don't forget that is how it died.

so it's revival may also follow this patter.

(in the last mahaburu speech vezapillai begged to see buddhism in action. he was pleading for meththa and was aparently "shocked" by the fact why he wasn't shown any!!!)

2. look at the tamil elam project.

india - hindus won't budge; no chance of TE

malaysia - islamic ppl won't budge and no TE

christian west will NEVER allow any TE in THEIR territory.

other countries are also same.

try the supposedly compassionate "MODAYAS".

3. all tamil elamists are BLOODY AGAINST this nagadeepa thing. they were against it from the start despite economic benefits.

they tried ALL THE TRICKS in the book to stop it. none of those crap worked.

now they want to address a RELIGIOUS issue by tapping to RELIGIOUS beliefs, conduct.

Moshe Dyan said...


voluntary settlements will happen after re-col.

that's how new "colonies" will expand.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

moshe volunteer settlement != volkunteer movements supported settlements

andare said...

good article.
But I would suggest different approch for the ethnic integation, even though bit slower.
That is to carefully planned development in the reagion. main aim should be to develop tourism zones, everywhere in north, even if it is not so relavent. demarcate a area to develop like dubai with tax freedom, night clubs, theme parks, housing apratments with free hold visa etc and much more to attract big inflow of non tamil crowds.

who will complain against economic developments!!!!

Like what is happening in south, build big supermarket in each and every township and advertise in news papers for possible buyers from all comunities. buy at least half by non tamils(you know how to do that)
There can be lots of such actvities, which would satisfy the purpose.

No to colonization, yes to Economic development, fuck to tamil racism ;-)

Ninja said...

/No to colonization/

Any reasons?

andare said...

that word iritate people and rather integration, it will make enimity. things should be handle cunningly to balance resistance, while achiving the goal.

I would say "operation Trinco" no noe complain about colonization there, but we have achivev the goal.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Term Colonization is something which Moshe coined. It does not mean the misuse of it by British and rest of european bigtime robbers. British called "colonies" to regions where ppl live, and their ppl stole the lands.

I an with impression taht you say no to such colonization.

Whatever the term we used, there need to be some settlement where ppl other tahn tamil race lives. The natural migration as you mentioned has already started, but will happen only in city regions. And it will create a highly vulnerable tiny population which, for many reasons discriminated, and eventual tamilazation of some of them [ex ITAK Piyasena]. In my view it should be either big settlement or none.

Small multi ethnic city population surrounded by monoethnic rural vast region makes a severe threat for their safety at a day of future conflict. Settlements shud be spread around such atht a dominance is not allowed.

Tpurist zones are a fantastic idea. But "do anything you wish" is dangerous, as it will give freedom for NGOs and other western game players to provide for the dead separatist moevemnt. Plus Tamils will adapt teh cultural change faster than sinhala hence they will be safe havens for future terrorism.

I always think fol,lowing SHUD BE the plan.

1. Irrigation projects in every water way. Small tanks and development of certain sq km farm land with that. Spread teh crown lands with homeless or landless farmer families of our nation, including locals

2. Military ranaviru villages next to every major camp. Settle their families there. Provide them some acres to do farming.

3. Development of small cities all over, hence needing right intelectual work force for banks, post offices etc. Send from south to cover the gaps.

4. Mega cities like proposed mankulam. A big city population has no other place but south to come and fill.

5. Land distribution for entrepreneurs for creating business operations. Work force can be settled in surrounding.

Note taht govt only needs to initiate the development and a national policy on population expansion. Selection of ppl will be natural, but everything shud be initiated by top.

MR govt has not yet shown a single sign that they realize this. Notably even Gota.

Ninja said...

1. Trinco what happened was extra-ordinary. It was not GSL sponsered. In fact, in CFA era under RW these sinhalese hold the ground when LTTE killed sinhala leaders and even when GSL became pro-LTTE. Its totally due to some courageous sinhalese from south/galle. We can't expect same for entire NE.

2. Natural migration happens anyway but such migration will not change ethnic ratio any drastic way.

3. Usually people migrate from less develop areas to more develop ares. So IS/economic development is necessary but that doesn't guarantee sinhala migration naturally due to social/cultural factors.

4. Word looks like a problem word for me too. We had same discussion long ago. But no better word invented. By the word 'colonization' or more precisely 're-colonization' we mean building villages/towns in government owned, unused free land in NE with all basic facilities (tanks, roads, hospitals, schools, temples, houses) and settling people from all races (sinhala 70%). So if the only word we have is colonization we have to use it to express the meaning.

We had same problem decades ago with the word "samoolagathanaya". Its only a few (ProfNDeS, PCR, HarishchandraW) explicitely stated the only solution for LTTE is to "koti samulagathanaya kirimai" and whole sociaty branded them as sinhala racist extremists.

However MR who did the job never used such wording he rather said 'I solve minority problem'. Perhaps MR can follow same approach here.

Ninja said...

Above post is my response to

/andare said...

that word iritate people and rather integration, it will make enimity. things should be handle cunningly to balance resistance, while achiving the goal./

Pol Sambol said...

"Swiss-CET (Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils)"


Tamil separate state in Europe is the obvious conclusion to Tamil woos hikz.

Ninja said...

/MR govt has not yet shown a single sign that they realize this. Notably even Gota./

I don't know MR/BR/GR really in sleep or pretend sleeping. Problem is this what exactly the opposite India/IC demanding GSL - devolution for NE. MR team once did the exact opposite IC demanded and ended LTTE. Can/will they repeat?

andare said...

I am with you. As a initial step, non tamils, who were chased out from north should be resettled immeditely. becase no one can resist to that. if those families are not willing to go, we have to find replacemnt families to resettle in north.
Then the next step as economic colonization (form of colonization, no one can reject)

Pol Sambol said...

I do not like the sound of this. Handing over financial and police powers to the provinces wtf?

Giving police and financial powers to the PC is a long term Tamilia demand.
We all know how this will morph out of control.

It would not be as much a worry (in terms of Tamilia and homOlands) if colonisation is being done with regards to the North and East.

But still imagine all those thugs and crooks who currently have no real power but act like mad corrupt dogs anyway getting more power? Country will be in a mess.

Such a system (excluding threats from Tamilia) would only work if the political culture was different. It clearly is not.

Obviously Rajapakse does NOT understand what brought him to power or such popularity (i.e. repulsion of so called devolution advocated by Colombians, Tamilia and suddha being one). It appears as if he is taking the Sinhala support base for granted. Big mistake.

"The new constitution will also be doing away with the preferential voting system. More importantly, provincial councils will be given fiscal and financial powers.

A ‘senate’ will be appointed consisting of representatives of provincial councils.

Primary Police powers relevant to civil administration affairs will also possibly be devolved to provincial councils. The preferential voting system will also be done away with, sources revealed to Asian Tribune .

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

Sujeewa said ..
[Term Colonization is something which Moshe coined. It does not mean the misuse of it by British and rest of european bigtime robbers. British called "colonies" to regions where ppl live, and their ppl stole the lands.]

Sujeewa, Andare,

It is because of the above connotation of the word "colonization", that Sujeewa points out, that I have been asking everyone to not use that word, but to use "Resettlement" or "Reintegration" or some other acceptable word within the overall scope of Ethnic Integration (EI).

EI is fair, it is just and assures everyone equal rights. Western colonization was outright exploitation without any regard to the rights of the conquered peoples.

There is no reason to carry the burden of the evils of western colonization on our Sri Lankan backs!

Ananda-USA said...

Sri Lanka Defence Forum
General Election Poll Results

We asked:

How Many Seats will the UPFA Get in the GE?

There were 29 valid votes by SLDF Bloggers:

% seats votes
70-75% (158-169)
65-70% (146-158) 1
60-65% (135-146) 27
55-60% (124-135) 1
50-55% (113-124)
45-50% (101-113)

The collective judgment of the Patriots at SLDF was better than that of most professional political analysts!


aqua said...

nice work Moshe. Keep it up.
it is scary that the general tone in the above comments sounds pessimistic about the ethnic integration.
is it certain the government does not have any plans to build harmony among ethnicities specially in rural sri lanka? (heavily populated areas it naturally takes care of itself)

I also propose that something has to be done in schools. Better knowledge about sri lankan communities and also bonding activities/field trips and such between schools in the south and north (mandatory once a year) could help in opening/broadening students horizons at a young age (10 onwards at least). I think a few such exchange trips were done during the end of last year but it should be done on a grander scale.
after all the only difference is the spoken language. if there is a dumb and deaf sinhala and tamil person they would get along great because that one difference was taken out.. (unless ofcourse a sinhala speaking persons left ear is different from a tamil speaking persons left year.. i doubt it:)

why am i typing this here? because I hope.. like most bloggers here that sharing possible good ideas will reach people of real current influence and provoke them to take action.

Ninja said...

/Later, Rajendran told mediapersons that the Sri Lankan government had allegedly killed over 1.5 lakh Tamils during its war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the last couple of years./

Have fun..

Moshe Dyan said...


good points there. there are 2 issues.

1. sinhala-tamil mistrust, lack of harmony.

this is not a big issue. this is getting disappeared now to a great extent. by default these two races INTEGRATE. however, the mistrust, etc. is only a symptom of a bigger ailment.

2. the ailment - tamil elam

this IS the problem. the urge for tamil elam is reinforced over and over again. this cannot be stopped. my write up adresses only this issue. if the TE project can be frustrated in SL, nature takes over and integration occurs. to frustrate the TE project, its' MOST ARDENT supporters got to be convinced that,

a). TE is simply NOT POSSIBLE.
b). "TAMIL" political parties cannot hold sway in the NE
c). seperatists parties (by other names) cannot hold sway in the NE
d). power cannot be devolved to TAMILS using accepted devolution methods. (power devolution in theory has nothing to do with race. and it should not be.)

only MULTIETHNIC colonization can achieve it.

Sam Perera said...


I also propose that something has to be done in schools. Better knowledge about sri lankan communities and also bonding activities/field trips and such between schools in the south and north (mandatory once a year) could help in opening/broadening students horizons at a young age (10 onwards at least). I think a few such exchange trips were done during the end of last year but it should be done on a grander scale.

These are very good ideas. End of the day, we have to wake the nations conscience that we are one people living and dying for a common cause. We need common heroes or idols to build this case. That is what binds us together. I will compile my thoughts, perhaps as a followup to Moshe's this post.

Moshe Dyan said...


we need your input here more often. you came up with some "DIFFERENT" (to say the least) strategies during the war.

development is NOT the solution. development MUST accompany state sponsored large scale colonization. now we refer to MULTI ETHNIC COLONIZATION.

1. development priorities of the north and the south are different. the south's development priorities are the ones that primarily benefit the nation. in the north it is different. the north follows the TAMIL MADU MODEL - develop tamils.

this is why ALL tamil leaders, intellectuals want tamil ppl's develoment NOT national decelopment in the north-east.

tamil ppl's development includes MORE uni opportunities for tamil ppl, more study cources for tamil ppl, removing standardisation, re-establishing the developed fishing netweork in the north by providing free equipment to fishing families in the north, encourage businesses in the north to make good use of TALENT THAT IS THERE, etc.

and a BIG NO NO NO to agri based development from them. if govt want to develop agri, give free equipments to poor farmers in the north.

if you carefully look at these, NONE of these facilitate ethnic integration!!!!

in fact these ENSURE NO EI!!!

the bottomline is "tamil" development priorities are different to SL develoment priorities.

that means EI is totally out in the development model. UNLESS govt sponsored colonization and imposition of the govt's development model.

IF SL imposes its development priorities on them, we are back to square one - they are going to get dissapointed (to say the least). so the fallout is INEVITABLE.

2. for some strange reason, ALL THOSE who suggest "solutions" from the NE pov, want ONLY RIGHTS and NOT responsibilities. ESPECIALLY responsibilities towards SL.

e.g. devolve power to tamils
e.g. hearts and minds campaign or the correct terminology - rights & privileges campaign!!!

3. for another strange reason, GRATEFULNESS for the nation of SL is almost non-existent in the north.


MOST ppl in the north east are recent immigrants (over the past 400 years) from tamil madu. the differences in SL tamil and tamil madu tamil is only around 300 years.

they left tamil madu when SL offered MORE. and they WILL leave SL, when somewhere else offers more.

this attitude surved them VERY WELL and there is no reason to abandon it.

they are MUCH MORE attached to the community (where ever in the world) than to the land they are in. the land they are in is only for sustanenece.

e.g. what happened to the 1965 gotvt, 1970s govt, ranil in 2005, TULF in 2004

4. so antogonism is ANYWAY BOUND TO HAPPEN.

IF it has not happened already!!!

that is not what is important FROM THE POV OF THE NATION.

5. the TAMIL develoment model cannot achieve anything for the nation. the following must be achieved for every Rs 1,000,000 invested or wasted in the NE,

a). frustrating the TE project
b). convincing the TE champions that "TAMIL" political parties cannot hold sway in the NE
c). seperatists parties (by other names) cannot hold sway in the NE
d). power cannot be devolved to TAMILS using accepted devolution methods. (power devolution in theory has nothing to do with race. and it should not be.)

ONLY colonization can achieved these AND DEVELOPMENT THAT SUITS SL

Thusitha said...

Ninja said...
1. Trinco what happened was extra-ordinary. It was not GSL sponsered. In fact, in CFA era under RW these sinhalese hold the ground when LTTE killed sinhala leaders and even when GSL became pro-LTTE. Its totally due to some courageous sinhalese from south/galle. We can't expect same for entire NE.

I think this is the way to go, if government develop these areas and bring people from places like Galle, Mathara, things would change quite a bit. There is no need to do huge efforts of EI in Jaffna, what we need to do is to integrate people around Jaffna. That way there would not be any TE.

Once this is done, the passage of time would get the rest of the people to Ethnically Integrate.

Moshe Dyan said...


"I would say "operation Trinco" no noe complain about colonization there, but we have achivev the goal."

me too!!

the trincosuccess was achieved by COLONIZATION!!!!

1. brits colonized seruwila, trinco, etc. from 1920s following their plan to settle "inteliigent ppl" in trinco to develop it. this happened in 1920s.

2. DSS's gal-oya colonization schemes in trinco area.

this led to riots. the 1956 small riots was due to local tamils resisting sinhalas who settled in trinco in LARGE NUMBERS.

only BARBARIANS do rioting. our plans should not dwell on the fancies of barbarian rioters.

3. of course development was the "excuse". but that was SL DEVELOPMENT MODEL not tamil development model.

4. JRJ, premadasa and the present govt also continued this.

that is the reason behind 2010 GE trinco result.

the moment that was used, tamils were pissed off.

you can surf the net to see the ENORMOUS tamil dislike for this kind of "development".

so we are in agreement that operation trinco is what we need (at least).

Moshe Dyan said...


of course.

that is the point number one.

but our leaders have only harped on point number one and not on the MOST IMPORTNT point number 2.

bcos point number one CANNOT manage point number 2. but point number 2 CONTROLS point number one.

e.g. the default thing in SL is harmony (if the TE project was not there).

it was the TE project that created ALL disharmony. not the other way around.

we should not put the cart b4 the ass.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Trinco what happened was extra-ordinary. It was not GSL sponsered."


1. it was govt sponsored.

what about 1920s british colonization, gal oya, etc.????

but i get your point. the critical mass occured subsequently. but for that to happen (volunary movement) there was a LARGE and powerful (unshakable) colonized area in the first place!!!

2. during CFA ppl had enormous problems. it was VIOLENCE that helped ppl to stay.

e.g. tigers attacked sinhala ppl in trinco in 2002 or 2003. we responded with RETALIATION!!.

only then LTTE stopped further attacks. of course they tried a few months later again (as usual) but we gave them back in april 2006 with interest.

aqua said...

moshe if point #2 is the major reason.. its dangerous.

even an idiot who has no means or plans can gain popularity in TN and in rural NE by playing the ealam card. very bad situation.

I am pretty sure most fat politicians in TN play this card efficiently when it comes to election rallys and talk there. (not that sri lanka doesnt have fat politicians.. but fattening and politics is probably an another railroad track so lets let it be for now...but i do see this culture changing in sri lanka..although slowly..but its still good)

even if as you say the most ardent supporters of the ealam idea realize it. they will most probably still use it to get into power. or if they do not use it, some other politician who smells a whiff of power will use it. so it is a scary cycle.

one major reason sri lanka has this issue is because of TN. so if ideas can be changed there it will automatically change in sri lanka. TN and LTTE are linked like lunu dehi so enough said.

sam will look forward to your post.

darn i like this blog. cheers good citizens.

Moshe Dyan said...


that's right.

changing TN view is not going to happen. it's the natural tendency to expand especially when there is a major land and water crisis in TN.

also the tamil diaspora.

and thirdly and most importantly, SL tamils in NE. they have ALWAYS voted for tamil racist political parties that support TE (by different names).

however, tamils in other parts of the country have rejected this BS at elections. the work of EI to some extent.

actually all pro-SLs should be grateful for tamils living outside NE. they are peace agents.

now we need LIVING peace agents in NE MORE than we have in the "south" bcos NE is where the problem was/is and the SUBJECT MATTER of the problem.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks for those who posted kind words in lankaweb for the same article.

at last lankaweb has stopped rejecting my articles. good on them.

andare said...

One good example is "Hikkaduwa". There was a big resistance from media and local crowd regading cultural and identy clash due to tourist influx to the area. Later people start to understand and live peacefully, while reaping economic benefits from the foreign exchange.

You imagine, if Govt immediately start several "hikkaduwa" like tourist zone in north. There will be lots of southerners working in the hotels, there will be lots of foreigners hanging aroud these places. There will be night clubs even hookers hanging around these place.
Do you think, those recist tamil will not raise their wail for Dollars. They do man ... they do...

For last 4 months 4 million tourist went to north. Giving necessary facilities, we can make those people to stay at least three four days in those areas.

I remember, when I was in the Akbar hall of Pera Uni, room just oposite to my room, two jaffna tamils were living. They were too scared to move with sinhala people initially because of mentality set by the LTTE, but with in three four months, they understood, they were completely wrong about southerners. I believe, same will happen, if the noth is flooded with non tamils.
I am not against to the idea of Govt sponsored EI, but I do not think they have the guts to do that. If JHU and NFF come forward and press, just like before Mawil Aru, some positive can be expected.

Moshe Dyan said...


as you say, the only hindrance to harmony is tamil elamists. LTTE were armed tamil elamists. but unarmed tamil elamists are as worse as them.

we have to FRUSTRATE the tamil elam project. only then ppl will forever live in peace.

hikkduwa is NOT an example of EI.

we need EI ahead of development in the NE so that economic benefits of development will go to ppl of all races. otherwise development will further support racism and mono ethnic crap.

true, govt lacks guts to do it.

JR did it.
premadasa did it.

MR's govt also did it to some extent.

it's upto us to convince the govt to do it in a large scale.

there are economic imperatives too.

ppl are too congested in the "south". there are 3,000,000 landless ppl in the south (including children). only the north and a few parts in the east has land and water.

a too crowded south is not economically and environmentally sustainable.

landlessness is the BIGGEST problem in SL. it is hidden now. court cases run for 25 years. still no resolution. siblings kill each other for land. roads cannot be expanded. constant water shortages. constant flooding. air is highly polluted.

of course you cannot ppl with land problems to north east!! but what we can do is poor landess farmers, fishermen and ppl of those professions can be given land in the NE. that will ease the OVERALL BURDEN in the south for everyone.

these are other things that can be used to streamline re-col programs.

whatever method we use, tamil elamists will sense that we are after their tamil homoland and resist it. that is why we have SLDFs.

look at how much they are pissed off about ongoing archeological work in the north. they sense that it can destroy the TAMIL HOMOLANDS concept. IF govt wants to please tamil ppl, it should STOP all archeological work in the north ASAP. but that is not going to happen. that means govt has some guts.

unlike re-col, archeological work does not add anything much to the economy. nor to the political clout of the ruling party. still they do it.

also there is the possibility of a referendum in the north or the north east one day asking if THEY want a seperate nation. north will certainly say YES. combined north east will also likely to say YES as it is now.

we have to be ready for this eventuality. it cannot be addressed on an ad hoc bases.

the next reason is unless we colonize the north, tamil nadu ppl are going to colonize it.

there are political benefits for the govt from colonization.

best example TRINCO 2010!!!
or digamadulla 2010.

so govt will have enough reasaons to do it even if they are only greedy politicians.

in 2008 MR publicly declared that he will give jayabumi land titles to ppl of all races in vanni. now's the time to do it.

Moshe Dyan said...

if true, this shows a HIGHLY DESIRABLE strategy SL should follow.

if true, this is somewhat like what israel does.

"A group calling themselves Tamils for Conservatives said to be backed by the Sri Lankan High Commission has opened offices in Harrow and Newham and are campaigning heavily for the Tories. It is unclear whether funding and spending of this group is incorporated into the election cost of the Tory party and officially declared.

An independent candidate Jannen Vamadeva, said to be connected to the Sri Lanka High Commission in London is contesting Brent North as independent candidate to undermine the Tamil votes for Barry Gardiner MP.

Jannen too is taking a very hard-line against the sitting MP. In the Brent North about 5,000 Tamil votes are registered and is an important stake for any party to gain the support of the Tamils. According to sources placing Jannen as candidate is to fracture the Tamil vote bank."

from srilankaguardian

Athula Weerasingha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sujeewa Kokawala said...


The Tourist Zones are a fantastic idea, but need the recruitment policy to favor ppl based on skill, and there shud be facilitation for outsiders.

Usually tourism benefits local inhabitants. We do not want a cultural mix of tamils and westerners. We want teh mix of other SL ppl and Tamils.

Thusitha said...

Bit of a comic relief, but a good one.

Boobquake gets off to shaky start

BOOBQUAKE founder Jennifer McCreight may have some serious questions to answer.

Her day of action calling on the women of the world to dress scandalously and prove wrong an Iranian cleric who blames natural disasters on cleavage has started, well, disastrously.

andare said...

Definitely, Hikkaduwa is not a example for EI, but it is for attitude change of local mases.

I do not think, Govt need seperate effort to make the mix of people in the tourism sector. It will happen automatically.

Govt has advertise massive incentives scheme for the investors to come and do business in north. Agri, fisheries, milk production are among top. Please put your time and money to start some projects, where you can employ sutherners with notherners.

Pol Sambol said...

Well well tolerant West on display again, i would like hear what Blake has to say:

'Reich Mother' who sang songs praising the SS comes second in Austrian election

Moshe Dyan said...


"Hikkaduwa is not a example for EI, but it is for attitude change of local mases."

seems to me i didn't communicate well.

1. the driving force behind the dislike of sinhalas and muslims in the north is NOT the attitude of locals.

they may have such an attitude due to various reasons. but the REAL driving force is their fear of losing tamil homolands and the TE dream.

that is what we should address. the only workable way is to actually destroy their TE dream!! they will not like it but we have to do it.

agree that pompous, aggressive and intimidatory colonization is NOT the way to go because we need to minimize opposition as much as possible. but mass, state sponsored, development driven colonization subtly backed by the army is the way to go.

2. once TE is made impossible (this happens when "ethnically clean" tamil tradtional homolands are "infested" with ppl of all races) this attitude automatically collapses. (even if it doesn't, it doesn't matter!!!).

the attitude is a symptom of the tamil elam sickness.

3. many places in vanni can be colonized even without the new colonies coming into contact with locals.

4. india IS a big opponent of multi ethnic colonization for OBVIOUS reasons.

motherindia wants the north east entity of SL to suck milk from her boobs for all nutrition and then to move downward and start sucking her hot cunt!!! then the arse. that is india's plan.

we should go with india to give a better quality of life to everyone in the north and east but should not do what india dictates.

MR has a good track record of doing so.

Moshe Dyan said...

a complimentary colonization scheme to the main thrust.

1. there are 100K SLDFs in the north.

2. they are young men.

3. unlike in the past they won't die in large numbers.

4. that means they will live to marry and raise families. no IFs and BUTs this will happen.

5. it is very difficult to afford a house with the salary. but lets assume their amilies somehow finds accomodation.

6. for weeks they will be seperated from families. essentially MOST of their lives they will spend seperately. what a tragedy?

7. since most army families will not have decent accomodation and since their performance doing FCUKING BORING JOBS (no excitement like killing a couple of tamil elamists before dinner) is going to increase with it, it makes PERFECT sense to create new settlements for SLDF families in the north.

SLDFs will SIMPLY LOVE it bcos they can see their loved ones more often, have screws more often, less worry, less stress, more time with kids, etc.

these new settlements will have electricity, pipe borne water, all basic facilities, places of religious worship, hospitals, schools, computer labs, transport facilities, etc.

that will be FORMIDABLE when coupled with mass agri based colonization schemes.

i'm sure that will DRAMATICALLY increase SL's poorest sections in terms of ECONOMY and QUALITY OF LIFE.

BTW condoms are banned in new colonies. a free viagra distribution program will run with finacial assistence from SL patriots for those needing help to procreate.

Moshe Dyan said...


thinking along similar lines there is an interesting situ.

now our handsome young men are stationed in the north.

young busty thangachchis see them every day and night.

cannot it be that some of these thangachchis are dreaming about them???

being human it is inevitable young adults will fall in love and marry. especially when they see each other regularly for a long time.

now there is a group VEHEMANTLY against this. who are they???

tamil elam racists.

they cannot tolerate this for several reasons. but can they take on the army??? no. and SLDFs have been EXCEPTIONAL and EXEMPLARY in their conduct. further disappointing these tamil elam racists.

then what will they do???

create some BS stories about the army and try to create hatred in the tamil society against them. this way as many thangachchis can be kept away from dreaming about SLDF guys.

so expect some completely ABSURD rumours about SLDF guys.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Out of topic, but ... hang on... is this why we don't hear from te Parrot of Pakisland. See you after two weeks Parrot. Make sure taht you keeps hands in the pocket during your flight out of singapore.


Lankan jailed for groping

A Sri Lankan passenger on a flight from Singapore to Hong Kong was so enchanted by the flight attendants he couldn't resist touching their breasts and buttocks, a Singapore magistrate heard, the Standard reported.

Chief Magistrate Ernest Lin Kam- hung jailed Sri Lankan Halpita Acharige Wijith Thalis, 47, for 14 days and fined him HK$15,000 after he admitted indecently assaulting three Cathay Pacific flight attendants last week.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault under the Aviation Security Ordinance at Tsuen Wan Magistrates' Court.

Thalis, who was on a business trip with two assistants, boarded Cathay Pacific flight CX 710 from Singapore to Kansai, Japan, via Hong Kong.

When the first victim was serving passengers in the row in front of Thalis, she felt someone touching her left buttock. She turned round and saw Thalis withdrawing his right hand.

She told him: "Don't touch me, if you want something, ask me by name, but don't touch me." She said the defendant put up his hands and replied "sorry" before making a funny face.

Shortly before landing at 2pm, he did the same to another flight attendant.

When the aircraft landed, the second victim went to the defendant to return his jacket. She also felt someone touching her buttock. She turned round and saw Thalis withdrawing his right hand. A passenger also pointed to the defendant.

A male crew member tried to talk to the defendant but was snubbed. Then as he was disembarking, Thalis nudged with his elbow the right breast of a third flight attendant who was standing on one side of the corridor to allow passengers to pass.
The attendant reacted with shock, but it did not fluster Thalis.

The three flight attendants reported the matter to their manager, who alerted the police through security staff. Thalis was arrested by airport police.

Goolge said...

Moshe nice to see your article has gone mainstream..

Here is another thing that will help EI:

Teach Tamil to all SLDF stationed in NE. EI at individual level begins with communication.

Teach them English also. That way the perceived stock value goes up.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Boobquake

What a great idea

Me and few friends have special interest in plate tectonics and we monitor quakes. We have observed few anomalies in past year.

- Pacific is extremely unstable.

- Pacific displays a bounce-back-and-forth effect. Few in teh west coase of Americas and few in teh east coast of asia type pattern.

- Extremely high tectonic activity

- Some ppl even find a relationship with Sun's activity. They think emag storms from sun causing turbulances [of magma kind] inside. [Note it si not science, just a hypothesis]

- I noticed that a 6+ happens roughly once in every 3-4 days or so.

BTW, do not laugh at Iranian cleric. How often do buddhist combine natural events to humans. This is while Dhamma removes the relationship of nature's acts to its theory of Kamma. Not even us, the rest of religions [notably Christian] debate taht humans get punished by almighty for misconduct. A topic I debated angrily when Tsunami killed 1000s of poor and innocent.

So let's not laugh at Iranians.

We'll see how Boobquake goes anyway. :)

Pol Sambol said...

"Goolge said...
Moshe nice to see your article has gone mainstream..

Here is another thing that will help EI:

Teach Tamil to all SLDF stationed in NE. EI at individual level begins with communication.

Teach them English also. That way the perceived stock value goes up.

April 26, 2010 9:15 AM

How about we teach the people in the North and East Sinhala?

What you are proposing means less integration as Tamils see no point to learn Sinhala if everything is done in Tamil.

Goolge said...

Pol, NE school kids will earn all 3 languages anyway. Integration will happen easily when this generation of school kids leave school.

But for the present, how to teach Sinhala to young adults and adults on a mass scale? I would think adults wouldn't be too keen to learn another language.

andare said...

"mass, state sponsored, development driven colonization subtly backed by the army is the way to go."
good proposal.

Building familly acomodation for SLDF personal is aggreed by everybody in this forum even before the WAR ended. It is a national security and basic human right requiremtns than the EI.

is govt ready to do that????

Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...

"andare said...
"mass, state sponsored, development driven colonization subtly backed by the army is the way to go."
good proposal.

Building familly acomodation for SLDF personal is aggreed by everybody in this forum even before the WAR ended. It is a national security and basic human right requiremtns than the EI.

is govt ready to do that????

I doubt this Government is going to do anything of the sort. MR is obsessed with getting Tamil votes. MR has already been having chats with Gonasen. It clearly does not take things seriously enough. Wonder what kind of demands Gonasen will make?
This shameless “there are no enemies or friends in politics” has got to stop.

Pol Sambol said...

""Goolge said...
Pol, NE school kids will earn all 3 languages anyway. Integration will happen easily when this generation of school kids leave school.

But for the present, how to teach Sinhala to young adults and adults on a mass scale? I would think adults wouldn't be too keen to learn another language.

April 26, 2010 10:18 AM"

Tamil kids do not bother learning Sinhala in the south in schools, why would the North and East do it? Especially when all sign boards and whatever are already in Tamil. That is the stupidity behind "three languages" concept. It increases separation.
And how do you know this ridiculous 3 languages nonsense will happen? You act as if this is a given. They (Tamils) won’t do it.

"But for the present, how to teach Sinhala to young adults and adults on a mass scale? I would think adults wouldn't be too keen to learn another language. "

Give them classes?

They are pretty keen on learning languages of suddha but have a problem with Hindi, Malay and Sinhala LOL. (In the south they prefer to milk the resources of the state to learn English not Sinhala).

The language issue is another artificial "problem" created on purpose with its roots to do with the civil service back in the 50s. Only country where the civil servants and other administrators expect the people to speak the language of the civil servants not the public they are meant to serve.

By doing this "three languages" nonsense we have only cemented the Tamil homOlands nonsense. (And they still bitch about it).

Moshe Dyan said...


that the problem.

i doubt this govt will do that at the required scale.

SF had a clear plan though!!

for the govt, rejecting SF includes rejecting his plans too. not a good thing to do.

Moshe Dyan said...


if it is GCE OL sinhala/tamil to northern tamils/SLA, then its OK. no need for more than that.

but english, a MUST.

but a source close to ASS (ananda singari) told me recently that they are going to demand from teh govt to teach french and german to northern tamils free of charge instead of sinhala!!

they argue this will open them new opportunities in europe. there are over 100,000 tamils in france and germany but further influx is low due to language issues.

Moshe Dyan said...


the first bit is OK. exploiting existing divisions is a clever strategy.

but something like quillium will not work bcos that insults their views as "extremist".

Ananda-USA said...

This is a GOOD IDEA. Bureacracies tend to become insular and isolated from oneanother .. as the FBI, CIA and the DOJ were in the US on the eve of 9/11.

We want them to work closely with each other without duplication of effort, waste of national funds and ego-driven internecine competition.

Sri Lanka government to set up a unit to coordinate the Ministries

ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Apr 26, Colombo: Sri Lanka government has planned to set up a new unit to maintain the coordination between the ministries, says Secretary to the President Lalith Weerathunge.

The gazette on allocation of the subject areas for the Ministers will be issued next week and the government hopes to maintain better coordination between the ministries, Mr. Weerathunge said.

The previous United People's Freedom Alliance government had a jumbo panel of over 100 ministers, non-cabinet ministers, and deputy causing disputes due to several ministers sharing the same subject area thereby impeding progress.

The present government expects now to clearly demarcate the powers of the ministers.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has appointed a cabinet of 37 Ministers and 39 Deputies for them following the landslide victory in the election. The Ministers swore in before the President on April 23.

However, there is speculation that President may expand the cabinet to include another 4 ministers and a deputy.

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

Here is Additional Evidence of the deeply held racist notions contributing to the communal isularity of Jaffna.

Jaffna Tamils are going to have to get used to seeing Sinhalese working and living among them in the future, and a SIGNIFICANT fraction of the people of the North and East being Sinhalese. Sinhalese adjusted to such developments in the South; now it is their turn .. so ADJUST!

Certainly, local Tamils must be recruited for employment, but not exclusively, their anger at it notwithstanding.

Development in the North and East exclusively for Tamils, exclusively of Tamils, and exclusively by Tamils is a RACIST NOTION, that will only EXACERBATE insularity and racism in the North and East, and exacerbate communal divisions.

Jaffna Tamils Decry Development Plan of Gov’t

By Feizal Samath

JAFFNA, Sri Lanka, Apr 26, 2010 (IPS) - Two cyclists from the minority Tamil community are shooed away by government soldiers as they approach this northern Sri Lankan city’s only Buddhist temple while President Mahinda Rajapaksa is paying a visit.

But when a family from the majority Sinhalese family ambles toward the guards, they are treated more amiably.

These twin incidents during Rajapaksa’s rare visit to Jaffna on Apr. 1 illustrate the contrasting ways in which soldiers from an army made up largely of Sinhalese treat the majority and minority ethnic groups.

Right through the late 1970s, Tamils claimed discrimination from the majority community. In 1977 Tamil parties swept the polls in the northern capital of Jaffna on the call for a separate homeland. A few years later, Tamil militancy emerged and led to almost three decades of civil war.

Many fear the government still has a long way to go in winning the hearts and minds of the Tamil community, which dominates Jaffna.

"There is nothing we can do," explained a veteran Anglican priest, who declined to be named, when asked whether the government was bending backwards to win the support of the Tamils.

Tamils are the largest minority group in Sri Lanka, representing about 13 percent of the country’s total population of 20 million. Many of them live in Jaffna, considered the seat of Tamil nationalism and the second most important city of Sri Lanka, next to Colombo.

The end in May 2009 of a bitter conflict in which Tamil rebels sought to carve out a separate state for their minority community triggered huge business interest in Jaffna, virtually untouched by the economic liberalisation that Sri Lanka pursued in 1977.

Nearly a year after the war ended, burnt out, shell-shocked buildings can be seen lying side by side with spanking new ones for banks or financial services as Colombo firms rush to grab a share of the new business opportunities in Jaffna.

But youngsters and city elders clamor for a different kind of development. "We need to be able to own rather than be bystanders (to development)," said a city businessman, who declined to be identified for fear of reprisal.

Ananda-USA said...

Jaffna Tamils Decry Development Plan of Gov’t

The government has set up a task force headed by Basil Rajapaksa, brother of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Minister for Economic Development, to oversee development in the north.

Nirmala (not her real name), a high school student, said banks and financial services are not helpful to the Jaffna Tamils.

"A lot of banks setting up branches here are employing people from Colombo. We don’t have jobs. On the other hand, the banks take our deposits, but getting a loan is difficult because the banks want collateral, which we don’t have because our properties have been destroyed or have been taken over by the army for military purposes," she said.

But Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal told IPS that quite a few Jaffna youngsters were being employed in new bank branches that were being opened in Jaffna.

Nirmala was one of a group of 30 16- to 17-year-old high school students who met with IPS recently to discuss their future in an environment where livelihood and employment opportunities are scant. They were unanimous in saying that the people of Jaffna are not part of the development that the government is carving out for the north.

Most of them want to go abroad for studies and live there permanently. "There is no future here. We will always be second-class citizens," said Arul. Perceptions of widespread insensitivity of the Colombo establishment to the city residents became more pronounced when a group of businessmen and bankers flew into the city in late March to lay the foundation stone for a new 80-room hotel being built by a Colombo bank.

Few Tamils from Jaffna were invited to the event and all the speeches were delivered in English even if the majority of the 700,000 people speak only Tamil. Furthermore, local residents questioned the location of the hotel as it is close to a sacred Hindu temple, visited by millions of Tamils every year.

"How can you sell alcohol or meat in a sacred location?" asked Arudpragasam Sivathamby, a taxi driver. Outside the same temple premises, dozens of Sinhala traders are doing business, in some cases displacing the Tamil merchants, causing resentment among the minority ethnic group.

"This is causing a huge problem," said Tamil parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran.

Development is only seen in the form of banks, finance companies and consumer firms opening up in Jaffna while job-creating industries or factories are still inexistent. Some roads are being developed while an old railway line from the Sinhalese-dominated south is being repaired.

Tamils are hoping for a greater role in power sharing. However, Dr. S. I. Keethaponcalan, a political scientist from the University of Colombo, said that is not a priority for the government at the moment. "The government won a commanding majority at the recent parliamentary polls, and trying to appease the Tamils is not the biggest priority at the moment," he declared.

Moshe Dyan said...

"trying to appease the Tamils is not the biggest priority at the moment,"

it should NEVER be.

there is no fcuking need to appease anyone based on race.

stop RACISM of all kinds. it is bad when it is bad, it is bad when it brings good as well.

Moshe Dyan said...

let me answer RACIST concerns contained in the article - Jaffna Tamils Decry Development Plan of Gov’t.

1. chasing away tamils and amiably treating sinhalas by SLA is fcuking racism. this is unacceptable. these MFs should be asked to give an explanation and fcuk them if found guilty of racist discrimination.

2. "Tamils are the largest minority group in Sri Lanka, representing about 13 percent of the country’s total population of 20 million. Many of them live in Jaffna"

complete bullshit.

jaffna houses only 3% of the population of the country. if MANY tamils live in jaffna, that means total tamil % should be 6% - 7% and that makes them the second largest minority behind muslims.

now which BS is correct???

3. "But youngsters and city elders clamor for a different kind of development."

didn't i say so???

tamil elmaists' development priorities are different to SL's development priorities.

this will not change. this is why development alone cannot get anything.

4. "A lot of banks setting up branches here are employing people from Colombo. We don’t have jobs. On the other hand, the banks take our deposits, but getting a loan is difficult because the banks want collateral, which we don’t have"

"people from Colombo" - aren't they tamil????

"banks take our deposits" - so banks should pay interest to tamil ppl WITHOUT TAKING THEIR DEPOSITS!!!

"getting a loan is difficult because the banks want collateral, which we don’t have"

for tamil ppl ONLY banks should lend without collateral!! when they default, let the chingala modayas pay.

oh thangachchi, suck my cock SLUTT!!

5. "Nirmala was one of a group of 30 16- to 17-year-old high school students who met with IPS recently "


"We don’t have jobs."

so for tamils only, banks should give jobs to 16 - 17 year olds????

no problem if they are willing to work as LTTE child prostitutes.

6. "Most of them want to go abroad for studies and live there permanently."

didn't i say so???

no problem but why waste money on them educating them without any gain for the country??? its taxpayers' money.

whatever the EXCUSES are, this is the reality.

7. "to lay the foundation stone for a new 80-room hotel being built by a Colombo bank.

Few Tamils from Jaffna were invited to the event and all the speeches were delivered in English even if the majority of the 700,000 people speak only Tamil."

well, businesses use ENGLISH not tamil. tamils will not patronise this hotel ANYWAY.

"Furthermore, local residents questioned the location of the hotel as it is close to a sacred Hindu temple"

this is why business acivities are difficult with them.

don't blame businessmen for this.

"whatever you do.
don't put the blame on you.
blame it on the rain, ye ye!!!"

Pol Sambol said...

"Moshe Dyan said...

if it is GCE OL sinhala/tamil to northern tamils/SLA, then its OK. no need for more than that.

but english, a MUST.

but a source close to ASS (ananda singari) told me recently that they are going to demand from teh govt to teach french and german to northern tamils free of charge instead of sinhala!!

they argue this will open them new opportunities in europe. there are over 100,000 tamils in france and germany but further influx is low due to language issues."

This just proves what i said.

It is also another tool of proving that their no homOland for them here. If SL was their homOland why do they jump on the opportunities (as well as create new ones) to economically better off countries eh? Why not stay and fight for the homoland if it truly is yours?

Moshe Dyan said...

from toiletnet.

"A branch of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) will be opened in Jaffna soon as a response increased demand by the peninsula business community, Udayasiri Kariyawasam, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission told media Sunday."


govt should allocate a certain number of shares for every tamil in the north free of charge considering what they went through for the past 50 years.

this type of share allocations are made in the sinhala majority south to employess who are also from the majority community.

"then why can't shares be allocated to tamils free of charge?" prof pedropillai asks.

"such an allocation will bring peace and increase buiness activity in the north" says another human rights activist who refused to be named for fear of repraisal.

"it is not waste. it is an investment" says veteran tamil moderate politician ananda singari.

Moshe Dyan said...

the second bit was mine considering the ATTITUDE of some of these ppl.

seems like govt will have to win not only hearts and minds of tamil ppl, but also arses, boobs and vaginas too!!!

a very difficult ask for a govt of OLD ppl who can't even win the hearts of local lassies.

Pol Sambol said...


"no problem but why waste money on them educating them without any gain for the country??? its taxpayers' money."

This is an old one.

Tamilia would wait in SL till they get their degrees, MBA's, MBBS etc etc then migrate.

They use state funded (i.e. Sinhala paid) education to bolster up their immigration chances. Being a doctor or of any profession (even begger) pays more in the West than in Asia.

It is no different how LTTEers kill us/fight us then waltz into our hospitals to get medical treatment and continue as before.

Moshe Dyan said...

a simple solution can fix this problem irrespective of race.

every one gaining free tertiery education must be bound to either,

1. provide 5 years (or 10 years ) or whatever service to SL. then they can leave SL.

2. or leave country by paying for what they consumed.

i don't think the JVP student unions will protest this as these crap are made up of idiots who cannot go abroad.

others might protest but that will be temporary.

it's a fair system where tax payers are not robbed. such a system will take away the BS about standardisation too. after that tamil elamists and somahansa amarasinghes will not fight for SL uni positions as they will no longer entertain parasites.

working in the middle east and similar places is not part of it as long as they are still BASED in SL.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Gota wants police reformed
By Shamindra Ferdinando

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa demands urgent remedial action to restore public confidence in the police. "Now that the war against the LTTE is over, their priorities should change without further delay to meet people’s aspirations," he said.

Addressing a gathering at the Katana Police Academy yesterday, the war veteran emphasised that it was the duty of the IGP and the police top brass to revitalise the department.

In his first public criticism of the police department, Defence Secretary Rajapaksa said that the police had been accused of failing to investigate complaints or delaying inquiries. He referred to weakness on the part of the police in prosecuting cases, while calling for corrective measures.

Defence Secretary Rajapaksa said that over the past 30 years the police had been primarily engaged in battling terrorism in the Northern and Eastern Provinces and areas outside the war zone as well. At that time the national requirement had been to meet the terrorist challenge, but the police could now open a new chapter. At the end of the war, the police should be responsible for maintaining law and order.

The Defence Secretary said that the Police Academy would help produce efficient officers to meet new challenges in the post-war period.


Defence Secretary Rajapaksa underscored the pivotal importance of sustaining the Police Academy. He said that there was no purpose in launching projects, which they could not sustain. He expected the police to maintain high standards.

The war had caused an expansion of criminal networks, he said. Referring to the illicit transfer of arms, the underworld and the lucrative heroin trade, he urged the police to eradicate them."

AngeloNevillePeiris said...

MIA's new video

Lunatics all around. A publicity stunt by MIA.

MIA released her new video for 'Born Free' on her website Monday, and it's not easy to watch. The video shows U.S. soldiers rounding up redheaded men and boys and bussing them to the desert where they are brutally beaten and killed. Whether it's a comment on the absurdity of genocide (of which MIA saw plenty during her early childhood in Sri Lanka) or a challenge to the idea of "other" in Arizona's immigration law, it is startling even in the context of recent genre-bending music art-films.

Moshe Dyan said...

fourth anniversary of the terrorist attack on gonzeka passed without much noise. everybody seems to have forgotten it.

gonzeka too didn't make any ha-ho about it.

rumour has it that sajith will be made the UNP leader this week or early next week. his first public appearence is planned to be on 1 may to coincide with his father's killing by LTTE barbarians 7 years ago. but i wonder how he can displace ranil.

ranil should have at least the national list buggers' support. and mongol, jeyalath, ravi, hack-him, john, karialla.

that means ranil needs only another 15 votes. easy for ranil. but she has a bad record of losing all elections.

a patriotic opposition leader is good at times other than election time. best for the country will be to have him for 5 years and not have him at the next election.

if patriotic votes are divided, seperatists votes become the deciding factor.

Moshe Dyan said...

about that taraki racist piece of shitt that hanged too long from the toiletnet arse and FINALLY fell into the toilet hole.


Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Sinhala name for Australian town

More proof

BTW there is another such place called Ceylon in USA, named after a tea package.

Pol Sambol said...

Is the Government blind and dumb to what USAID is and does?

Moshe Dyan said...


that is not possible.

it is a tamil name. the historical name was pandikanni.

pandi - pig/s
kanni - young girl

according to folklore a tamil girl was living there raring pigs. even today australia produces pork in a large scale. that means this theory is true.

the name was later anglicised to what it is now.

similarly other tamil place names were converted.

e.g. malabarnai - melbourne
e.g. paranthai - perth
e.g. cheddikulam - chidney - sydney
e.g. adiladdu - adelaide

this happened even in europe.

e.g. gopalakaagan - copenhegan
e.g. parankapattanam - frankfurt

Ninja said...

/SF had a clear plan though!!/

Is this sarcasm? Can you give us any link to this other than Gonseka2010's comment here?

Ninja said...

/The international media rights group Reporters Without Borders has expressed concerns over the appointment of Mervyn Silva as a Deputy Media Minister and called on Prime Minister D. M. Jayaratne to relieve Mervyn Silva of his ministerial post./

RSF/IC and int.clowns had good chance to get appointed their pets if UNPee won but what to do SL people voted for UPFA..

Ninja said...

Genocide people genocide...

/Seven LTTE suspects were arrested by the authorities in the Netherlands, the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Netherlands, Grace Asirvathan, confirmed to BBC Sandeshaya. The arrest was made after an intensive study of the LTTE banned activities in the Netherlands, the National Criminal office said.

It said sixteen residences and businesses searched in the operation. Computers, paperwork, phones, documents, photos, DVDs and a sum totaling more than 40,000 euros were seized.

"Among the suspects are the leaders of various organizations of Tamils in the Netherlands, which probably play a role in the international network of the LTTE," the justice ministry said in a statement.

Leaders of the Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC), the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), the Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO), the Tamil Women Organisation (TVO) and the Tamil Arts and Cultural Organization Netherlands (TKCO), are believed to be among the suspects./

Moshe Dyan said...

"called on Prime Minister D. M. Jayaratne to relieve Mervyn Silva of his ministerial post."


they don't know the PM cannot do that. its the president who can do this. PM can only request.

this makes it essential that mervyn STAY!!!

Moshe Dyan said...


"Can you give us any link to this other than Gonseka2010's comment here?"

gonzeka's links exist only about his sexual adventures and similar nonsense.

he was a mere tool in the hands of anti-SLs and they didn't give any publicity to his good plans.

he planned to raise the army to 500,000. obviously you need local food sources, etc. for such a HUGE army. and camps would be so big that they can have adjacent villages.

he once had problems with GR over ipalogama. he wanted it established in areas closer to threatened villages.

he also mentioned about his childhood spent in the then batticaloa district and the need to emulate it.

OK, i withdraw the "clear" bit. nothing is clear with gonzeka.

Moshe Dyan said...

i thought mervyn wil be made the minister overlooking NGOs. but he ended up in media.

some NGOs are like some media idiots.

anyway RSF has no freaking right to demand things like changing ministers.

Moshe Dyan said...

"Dr Rachel Joyce, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Harrow West, UK, in a statement circulated to her constituents, said she believes that since Sri Lanka's independence "the acts perpetrated the Government of Sri Lanka on Tamils including the burning down of Jaffna library...disappearance of Tamil individuals...and the use of concentration-style camps for internally displaced Tamils should be classed as Genocide." Dr Joyce further made a campaign promise to "work with the Tamils to get the acts perpetrated on the Tamils classed legally as a genocide so that the UN Convention can be used to address the problems.""


in response SL will classify british barbarians' conduct in SL as genocide.

that will open a hive of activity from at least another 50 nations ganging up on britain!!!

Ninja said...

/he once had problems with GR over ipalogama. he wanted it established in areas closer to threatened villages./

Never read in any media. If true, must be when Gonz was under normal mental condition under MR/GR.

* 500,000 SLA
* SLA family villages in NE
* Good governance

- Very attractive for nationalistic mass
- MR had no way implementing any of them in short time (before PE)
[- Implementing them even in long term is a challenge]
- Obviously this was nothing but part of mongal/ LNW/ Gonseka2010/ Facebook propaganda aiming nationalistic vote base

me thinks.

Moshe Dyan said...



they only highlighted what benefits TE.

gonzeka had to play by their rules.

whatever gonz did, he gravely suffered 3 times at the hands of tamil elamists.

1. in 1958 riots
2. 1993 op balawegaya???
3. 4 years ago

even if he doesn't give a damn about others, at least he has a personal agenda.

Ninja said...


Where is Danuna? Do we have to do 'bodhi pooja' to find him as well?

/Four years ago today -Apsara Fonseka

(Lanka-e-News 25.April.2010 11.45PM)

Today, we will be celebrating 4 years of survival.

On April 25 of 2006, our father was attacked by a suicide bomber at the army headquarters.

This was one of the most terrifying days of our lives, for several days we were not sure he would make it through. No one should awake with the news that their father has been attacked in this manner, but that was how me and my sister awoke that night. We knew everyone around him had died, and we were terrified he would not make it through.

Who ever he was, soldier, commander, he was first and foremost our father.

However, as always our family was strong and blessed enough to survive this horrifying experience. My mother strong as ever, and a nation, praying for his recovery. We still believe it was that support and prayers that helped us get through that ordeal.

That week, the temple bells rang for him, flowers were offered for his recovery and candles were lit to bless his health.

Just the same, we still believe.

We still believe that like then even now, your support will help us get through this. The support you all have given us have brought us this far.

Your encouragement to go on through these hard times have given my father and our family the strength to keep on fighting for what is right, what is fair and what is just. We are grateful that we are not alone in this, and stronger because you are there with us.

So, today, as we celebrate my fathers 4 years of survival from a bloody suicide attack, we want you to remember that it is you and your prayers that brought him to life then to fight against terrorism.

Therefore, now, when he fights for democracy against this corrupted regime, we ask you once again to be with him and to pray and bless him with the strength to carry on.

Thanking you,


Apsara Fonseka/

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet pissed off with sudarshan.

this is funny.

"One has to be a member of this diaspora to understand what ‘comforts’ it could have with continued trauma and sleepless nights it experiences over the genocide and rape of its land, languish over its helplessness and simmering anger over the international deceit, diaspora circles further said."


tamil elam die-arse-pora had sleepless nigths thinging about hot iron rods up vezapillai's arse.

"In his response Prof. Seneviratne had nothing to say on the core issue raised by Page and TamilNet, i.e., Colombo building Buddhist complexes in the North and East to effect Sinhala colonisation and to deny Tamils their homeland."

even toiletnet recognise colonization is the BEST way to deny them homolands.

"Dushy Ranetunge cites his own earlier experience at the Jaffna University during the height of the war: After the Sinhalese officials left the conference hall he heard the academic community saying that they were happier in the LTTE administered Jaffna."

didn't we know this.

free salary from chingala south, chingala tax money for the uni. is there any reason not to be happy???

govt should have temporarily closed down the jaffna uni saying terroris activity.

"Eezham Tamil academics can neither voice freely in the island nor travel freely to India for their voice to be heard on South Asian matters. In recent times, on a number of instances, the Eezham Tamil academics were either denied of visa or refused landing in India."

so mrs vezapillai is an academic now????

Moshe Dyan said...

gonzeka utterly frustrated due to lack of sex.

apsara too.

and of course danuna and anoma. only aparna is having a good time.

Ninja said...

/even if he doesn't give a damn about others, at least he has a personal agenda./

Could be true. Agenda could be annihilating all rivals in SLA, house arrest Rs, imprison UNP leaders, appoint his (ex)-SLA/ JVP men, killing all remaining LTTE buggers, and perhaps above 3 without last 1. But man has brain enough to do stuff by himself (without his CO) to end up in jail only (other than to eat ropes).

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Lovely list of homo dravidian names.

Well well cities like Thoronthom [Toronto], Vannakuvam [Vancoover], Ammrthadham [Amstredam - hell it has a dam, so it has to be a tamil settlement], Siththukkom [Stockholm] shud be added I guess.

Moshe, SFthe hero before he became an element of enemy may have had great plans. I still stand by teh point that he was not a nitwit. He was perfectly speaking for great plans like that. But wil the clashes and revenge agaonst other patriots he dropped those. If he ever spoke about such after he turned against MR side, I'd even vote for him. I saw not a single plan like taht. Man who talked about huge camps in North was planning to remove teh HSZ which he himself fought to save.

Even today the die-hard patriot's role is vacant. Even SF can get that, if he makes a fair apology and acceptable conduct to believe he's in right track. I thot he's change at least after nearly 100k ppl voted for him. MF is still waving to foreign delegates and gets petted in their arms.

The role of hardliner nationalist in top ranks, which SF left, is vacant. GR is the nearest match and only man with powers and say. CR, WW, DineshG are mere pawns of the big machine.

Moshe Dyan said...


don't trivialize gonz so much.

he (at least) WAS a man of some brain-action co-ordination.

we can go to town with his stupid work, but can NEVER erase some good work.

unfortunately for him, he crapped into the bucket of milk, vomited and peed!!!! and kicked the bucket!!! (well not yet).

Moshe Dyan said...


"The role of hardliner nationalist in top ranks, which SF left, is vacant."


the IDIOT who at the height of the war called tamil madu idiots ass clowns!!

who OPENLY glorified the war. this was sweet music to the ears of many SLs. SLs had not heard this after lalith.

who was stubborn enough not to give up in the face of adversity in the battlefront. (bad things too happened due to this).

on an annual basis he lost more men than all previous army commanders. but didn't complain. was VERY successful with recruitment despite all that crap.

the passion with which he fought (we can laugh at it). it at least drove gonz forward.

his position is vacant.

GR cannot fill it. he has better things to do.

we need a gonz with a brain and a heart.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sujeewa Kokawala said...


World is not made by a combination of perfect ppl. It is made with lots of imperfect half-complete individuals. A system reaches completeness only if the half complete elements fit together at right places.

This is how a leftist 13ish DJ and a sinhala nationalist, [perhaps racist] SF can fit together.

MR gave the umbrella leadership to all these individuals. MR is a void man [sure many disagree]. I have followed him from late 80s. He has no political opinion for many things. He decides the plan by throwing little grass in the air, by the wind direction.

This turned into a perfect plan. Had MR held any political views, he will take biased decisions, take sides, and chase opponents.

I think SF was the foolish and extremist but valuable hardliner with nationalist instincts. His ideas were not borrowed from Mangala [like Ninja said]. If Mangala can be such nationalist thinking why would he speak sh*t himself. Nop. They were SF's original ideas.

I disagreed with SF THOSE DAYS. If you go back to his Sinhala only talks I rem i debated with few in forums. But I knew that SF served a purpose.

Today we lack that camp. SF fell to his private and egoistic issues, JVP could not hold the hatred and jealousy and they walked out of union. This automatically turned WW into a talk talk no action man. JHU lost its Soda bothale effect of 2004 and currently surviving due to few famous names. PNM has become something like the YMBA. No more focus and attention.

Neither of them were movements that I agree with. But they are the ideological force behind May2009 victory. I am failing to see anyone coming into fold. i am failing to see the individuals of above process gaining any power or say.

And we are not even half done. If North was to be cultivated, the ground clearing is only done. Entire rest of farming [aka Resettlement and prosperity] is yet to begin.

Honestly it is a very sad situ when you see the long future.

Moshe Dyan said...


we are in agreement.

that highlights another obstacle.

as long as the public is generally against re-col, MR will not do it.

the strange thing is ppl don't see the danger and unsustainability.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Indeed Moshe.

But Ppl have some understanding. Surely they do not think day and night about it. Yet they believe in Resettlement in the way they believed in War for Peace, despite Ranil/CBK brainwash of Talks for peace.

What ppl lack is, a set of figures that indicate the feeling of the ppl to the top. For the other end there are so many standing for "give what the tamil racists want" camp. MR is stretching hand on all direction [like in darkness] He will resettle himself where he finds some touch.

THIS is why resettlement will never be govt sponsored, perhaps be abandoned with government block.

Of course we have one hope in Gota. He has capacity. He's busy being an efficient military boss, which he really is. But now we want a bit of ideological drive at least in closed quarters.

Nevertheless history's best plans are absolute mistakes and total random events of that day. Let's see what dramatic change occurs in the top brass and what breaks the melancholy.

Thusitha said...

Sujeewa Kokawala said...
Even today the die-hard patriot's role is vacant. Even SF can get that, if he makes a fair apology and acceptable conduct to believe he's in right track. I thot he's change at least after nearly 100k ppl voted for him. MF is still waving to foreign delegates and gets petted in their arms.

The biggest mistake people make is to forgive people. His actions are his personality, and that personality would persist for the rest of his life. Put him in the same position in the future, he will react in the same manner. Therefore it is really stupid to forgive this guy. Only thing we should do is to tolerate him.

Also, we have plenty of good hero who can take on that mantle. Therefore lets not entertain these crazy ideas of forgiveness when it comes to national security matters.

Pol Sambol said...


"in response SL will classify british barbarians' conduct in SL as genocide.

that will open a hive of activity from at least another 50 nations ganging up on britain!!!"

We should do this anyway. Not limited to Britian but all the Euro fags before.
By itself it would cancel out all the Tamil crap against us.

(Need toss in Suddha backing Tamil racism up to now as well and bam, the whole non-white world will side with us).

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


[[Also, we have plenty of good hero who can take on that mantle. Therefore lets not entertain these crazy ideas of forgiveness when it comes to national security matters.]]

Agree wrt SF. Yes he has showing many other defects, out of teh line of national security, about his true self. Agree he lacks many good instincts and disciplines. These imperfections at his role of commander were effective, I believe. But to leave a diff kinda responsibility in hand is dangerous.

Nevertheless, in my view, the whole SF saga left many such possible nationalist lobbists unable to raise a voice. I do not expect it from SLDF anymore. SLDF will be a good force, but SLDF pushing political circles will never be.

So did the saga for other forces. Ppl like WW are so empty today. They have no major say in a critical day.

In simple terms the lobbying of nationalism end is defunct. Lobbying for "give your heart to tamil racism is active". I have serious fears on this matter.

Pol Sambol said...

"Netherlands arrest ‘LTTE suspects’

Don't expect much from this.

They will go to trial and be released pretty soon.

Obviously these Tamil fools crossed a line by threathening suddha and suddha's money some how (i.e. bogus charities). When it is established their intentions are not to harm suddha but Sinhalese they will be released and continue as before.

Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...

Keeping in point with what Moshe has said over some white bitch trying to lecture us about genocide,

A) Does the Government know about this? NO.

B) Have they put forward contingency plans in case of such an eventuality. It might not happen now or with this women in particular, but still the possibility of this crap actually bearing fruit is there. Knowing Tamilia they (egged on by their white masters who too) will not give up in trying to "punish" Sri Lanka and Sinhalese this is not going away.

This idiot Government just sits around hoping things like this when they start small will go away, to only have them grow out of control and by the time a response is given it is to late. Worse this "pattern" of "not bothered" has been repeated TIME AND AGAIN.

We should be making counters this Genocide crap and other nonsense like the bogus HR claim by:

A) Attacking suddha's for their crimes against Sinhalese

B) Destroying their statements against us.

I have heard arguments against taking on suddha such as "not offending them" and "we need aid/loans". BULLSHIT. Also has to do with mental slavery and fear.

If they try "punishing" us for exposing and attacking them, it will ONLY reflect back on them and we can use it to further their humiliation.

Ninja said...

/ Lightning strikes Mihinthale dagaba when new ministers were being sworn in

The Mihinthale dagaba, which is considered sacred by the Buddhist in the country, was struck by lightning when the new Cabinet of ministers was being sworn in on Friday (23).

However, lightning had struck the dagaba after swearing in ceremony.

According to astrologers, lightning had not struck such sacred places recently and whenever such an event had taken place it had brought much destruction on the country.

They say that the dagaba being struck by lightning soon after the new ministers were sworn in was a bad omen. The astrologers further explained that since the incident took place at a time when the current government had made a key decision in its future functions, it would be inauspicious for the government./

HIKz I though lightening strikes due to physical reasons and dagaba's lightening preventing equipment was out of order. Anyways these LNWs astrologers must be the same who said gonz will win HIKz Next lightening will be on malwathu vihara temple. HIKz BTW howcome that malwathu mahanayaka dude didn't get NL seat from UNP HIKz

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Ninja, and everyone is laughing at Iranian clerics when they relate shaking boobs to EQ.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Resumption of Resettlement…

Whose dreams will they fulfill in these chambers? Sure Milroy's and Karuna's.

A ministry notorious for corruption is again in the hands of at least one corrupt man. Whoa.

See the comment by one Janaka Jayawardena.

andare said...

some of the guys, who continuously insult SF, tell me why...
CBK govt select JP and SF to stop massacre of 40000 troops in jaffna. JP was very famous through media but SF not so heard of.
Those days, gota was pursuing American dreem and his brothers were also not so in the fore front, even though one was PM.

Were they not (JP and SF)successful in that limited operation to save troops and finally secure the peninsula under the leadership of president at that time and that joker defence secretary.

What ever you guys say, SF was the driving force to eliminate terrorism from my mother land. I am ever grateful for him, to allow my kids to live in my mother land peacefully.

Pol Sambol said...

So this clown invited himself to see the Mahanayakes and look what he has to say, obviously trying to manipulate them. I am amazed they can lie so brazenly.

Wonder how many forks these SoBs tongues have:

British HC calls on Malwatta Mahanayake
Britain always stood by Lankans - Hayes

Someone should remind this idiot what happened in 1818 and 1848. Then we will see who they "stood by" along with their actions these past 4 years.

Moshe Dyan said...


the new foreign minister is still celebrating!!!

GL would be very very happy to be the FM. he is only an academic. but anyway better than boga-la-gena, mongol, tyrone and hamid.

hope he will rise up to the challenge.

Moshe Dyan said...

"British HC calls on Malwatta Mahanayake
Britain always stood by Lankans - Hayes"

why not!!

Moshe Dyan said...


"What ever you guys say, SF was the driving force to eliminate terrorism from my mother land."


it was GR.even rohan runaratna agrees.

SF was a HANDY tool in GR's inventory. we have some respect for him over that.

the 2000 defensive example you quoted is all about avoiding defeat, NOT about WINNING.

but NOW gonz has ridiculed all his achievements after he teamed up with tamil elamists and mocked his own team mates.

FYI, GR pursued his american dream ONLY AFTER leaving service. SF was doing it WHILE IN SERVICE!!!! where do you get army commanders who apply for DV lottery while holding office????

so much so that he had not even renewed his voter registration!!

anyway patriotic ppl have given the verdict already. there is no point arguing over a SETTLED MATTER.

Pol Sambol said...


About GL.

This was written in LankaWeb.

"Ratanapala Says:

April 26th, 2010 at 10:27 pm
G L Pieris is a man who will bend many times and cringe before the international heavy weights in the diplomatic field. He is an ambitious multi-turncoat creepy crawly who pandered to Choura Ragina Chandrika and Don Juan Ranil and now with the Sandhanaya and the President. He may have the brains, but will he have the stature to stand up to the heavy weights in the world stage with his elastic backbone? He once addressed the Tiger Terrorist Balasingham as “His Excellency” and brought immense loss of face to our nation. I hope he has matured – otherwise it is for the President to watch out and keep him under constant vigilance. In the absence of showoff – Rohitha Bogollagama, perhaps Mahinda Samarasinghe would have done the job with much finesse and decorum.

It is important that Sri Lanka must be able to keep her head high and carry on the momentum of our victory over Tamil Tiger Terrorism.


I am concerned.

Mahinda Samarasinghe though a bit of a Colombian himself did pretty well last year and suddha's attacks on SL. He is not being used properly. What can he do has "minsiter of plantations"??

Ninja said...

/some of the guys, who continuously insult SF, tell me why...
CBK govt select JP and SF to stop massacre of 40000 troops in jaffna./

Please check who gave orders to withdraw and how officers were oppointed.. check the seniority list..

/JP was very famous through media but SF not so heard of./

Gonz came to media when HSZ issue came up in Jaffna - credit to him no arguments. But why not before like JP? Think only if you can. And how come such an unknown hero was in media all the time after became chief? Think only if you can.

/Those days, gota was pursuing American dreem and his brothers were also not so in the fore front, even though one was PM./

See MD's reply.

/What ever you guys say, SF was the driving force to eliminate terrorism from my mother land. I am ever grateful for him, to allow my kids to live in my mother land peacefully./

Oh ya.. if not for Gonz our army is still fighting in Mavil Aru.. HIKz

/anyway patriotic ppl have given the verdict already. there is no point arguing over a SETTLED MATTER./

5% is there keep worshiping Gonz. Gonz part of military victory was pretty much over-rated via media while true heroes seek no cheap publicity. Still if one wants to worship Gonz as a military man its one thing and worshiping Gonz even after he shows his political nudity its a different thing.


/anyway patriotic ppl have given the verdict already. there is no point arguing over a SETTLED MATTER./

Ninja said...

@ GL

Comment is true. Perhaps MR made a mistake or perhaps not if you apply expect the same from GL as with CBK/RW. (He has done what top wanted.) Being smarter than bogols and less corrupted than bogols should not have been qualification to be FM.

Moshe Dyan said...

i missed the "lion in sarong" (saramasinghe!!)

he did quite well actually.

took b(loody)lake in a dangerous tour in the east that convinced the IC about LTTE's ruthlessness.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Ppl like MahindaS have been exceptional not even being the FM still covering for the handicapped FM. So it is beyond everything unfair and a big loss.

GL is a parrot of Pakisland. Aka worshipping sudda idols day and night. Although a fitting man academically etc, his attitude and perception may turn pretty dangerous to SL.

The biggest problem is that he will fill the diplomatic ranks with ppl of his attitude. There is a likelihood that pisstalk loving enemies of our nation get big seats in our foreign service. How MR is gonna control this I don't know.

Ninja said...

/Sri Lanka considers ending emergency laws

Associated Press

Sri Lanka may scrap the state of emergency laws that gave sweeping powers to police and troops during the island`s long ethnic conflict with Tamil rebels, a newly appointed minister said Sunday.

The government has faced international criticism over nationwide laws that were first imposed in 1983 to combat the Tamil Tiger separatists, who were finally defeated a year ago.

Parliament has continued to extend the state of emergency each month as the government argues that rebel remnants have tried to make a comeback.

`We are actively considering it (relaxing the state of emergency). There is no timeline yet,` foreign minister Gamini Lakshman Peiris told reporters on Sunday.

`Circumstances have changed. We want to do it not because of external pressures, but because it`s the right thing to do now.`

The laws allow the arrest and detention of suspects for long periods without trial. They also allow police and troops to carry out searches without a warrant from a magistrate.

Opposition parties and international human rights groups have accused the government of using the laws to suppress legitimate dissent and freedom of expression.

Peiris, who was appointed on Friday after recent parliamentary elections, said he wanted to address concerns from the international community about Sri Lanka`s human rights record.

Sri Lanka has often rejected calls to probe alleged war crimes in the final stages of the fighting against the Tigers./

## I guess FM is to represent SriLankans to rest os the world. GLP better suited to represent western world to SriLankans. RB was in a that way better than GLP.

Moshe Dyan said...

"The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) conducted a search operation for Dahnuna Tillakaratna, the son-in-law of General Sarath Fonseka, at the Mihintale Rajamaha vihara Temple today. However the CID did not find anything."

this is a joke!!!

the search for danuna has become a joke. CID should have better ways of catching him.

Moshe Dyan said...

so GL had a bad start.

"FM is to represent SriLankans to rest os the world. GLP better suited to represent western world to SriLankans."

the law professor was NOT made the legal/judicial affairs minister becos he's not a practical man.

he should know INTERNATIONAL LAW and that is the BIGGEST international challenge SL faces now. on paper, he should be good. but.........

andare said...

Sorry Moshe, you are wrong,

"the 2000 defensive example you quoted is all about avoiding defeat, NOT about WINNING."

If you were in SL, you would know, how much pressure was on each and every patriotic individual about the situ. Only India came forward to transport troops to give peninsula on silver plate to LTTE.

That was the operation saved Sri Lanka and shatter the Eelam dream to greater extent. It was pure offensive operation and LTTE was chased out completely from their so call Eelam roots and first time LTTE made to a headless chicken, driven to jungles.
If we do not talk facts wright, it is a insult to all those heroes, who sacrifices their live for noble cause.

"it was GR.even rohan runaratna agrees."
Rohan gunarathne needs his paypack. For me Gota is a just a secretary for a powerful ministry with direct backing from president to funds the projects without any barriers. He was doing his secretarial works successfully to enable other to do their job properly. He was successful in managing disputes among teams and with in team members.

"SF was doing it WHILE IN SERVICE!!!! where do you get army commanders who apply for DV lottery while holding office????"

What is the issue with winning a Lottery. Gota quit the army to peruse his American dream. However SF staid until he achieve, what he dreams for.
Govt is shouting about SF's corruption now. They said his satellite phone bill was millions of rupees and he had abused resources to call his daughters in America. Then what happen to the investigations????
It is revealed that, he has given his satellite phone to needy solders, who were long serving in jaffna to call their parents.

Moshe Dyan said...


machan, i can't stop laughing.

"he has given his satellite phone to needy solders, who were long serving in jaffna to call their parents."

"needy" soldeiers don't have phones at home!! ALL our soldiers were/are sent home regularly.

Moshe Dyan said...

not true about GR.

SF served under the following without winning the war, in fact LOSING the war.

1. sirima
2. jrj/lalith
3. premadasa/ranjan
4. premadasa
5. DBW
6. CBK/rat watte
7. CBK/rathnasiri
8. CBK/ranil

not only gonzeka's but also the navy's and air force's fortunes changed with GR!!

this is a fact.

GR served the country. he didn't run away. he again came to SL with a wide range of expertise. even the SLDF's media strategy was GR's.

rohan runaratna is not getting paid by SL. he's earning in singapore dollars.

i wasn't in SL at that time but i felt the pressure. news reaching here said jaffna had actually fallen and 40k soldeirs will be massacred at any moment!!!

it was a DEFENSIVE operation against LTTE attacks. SF has to take "credit" for the BIGGEST defeat ever - the elephant pass debacle.

also it was SF's stupidity that led to 7 DEBACLES in muhamalai.

if you have contacts with knowledge of who gave what orders, you will know SF was JUST NOTHING. ALL oders came from GR. SF could only do limited operations using his darlings who messed things up. obviously the GREAT start in mavil aru and the GREATEST finish in mulaitivu/nantikandal didn't have any SF inputs. he was in singapore/china.

these are FACTS.

re: SF's corruption

i personally was involved in bringing these to the attention of authorities and pressurising them to take action.

MoD has 2 alternatives. punish him for corruption by a court martial or take him to courts. the first option can send gonz to jail for MAX 5 years but the second option is more elaborate.

my plan is govt should send him for 5 years by a court martial. then when he is in prison, collect enough evidence to send him for life after conviction by the judiciary. he will not have access to many things when in prison. he cannot obstruct justice.

SF's stupidity, ego and jealousy alsmost costed the BRILLIANT careers of prasanna silva, shavendra silva, parakrama pannipitiya, etc.

his THUGGERY and DIRTY behaviour in the army is all too well known.

how he handled WHISTLE BLOWERS is also well known. now they are sighing in relief.

but his anti-SL utterences and political alliances are simply UNFORGIVABLE.

as i said b4, i cannot convince you if you defy facts. but the ppl have given TWO verdicts.

1. he lost MOST fantastically in patriotic electorates. only 1977 vadukoodai electorates and a VERY few others voted for him!! poopillai LOVED him but,

ambalangoda BASHED him.

2. his MASSIVE decline in colombo is the BIGGEST defeat ANY politician has ever suffered. in january bugger got a few hundred thousand votes. in april that's less than one hundred thousand!! what a trend.

Moshe Dyan said...

at one point SF was known in the SLDF top brass as DEBACLE FONSEKA!!!

Ninja said...

How hard try, multi/pakis can't hide. Contract extended or volunteer service? Anyways nice comeback with no to cilonization and yes to gonseka.. HIKz Why not waste some of our time?

andare said...

I am sorry moshe, Let's agree to disagree.

you can come of the "Joint", if you ask the Defense ministry to reveal the facts about SF's phone bill.

Moshe Dyan said...


ok mate, lets agree to disagree.

Moshe Dyan said...


your vigilence is fantastic. we should all keep watch for that pakis maniac.

but he is not here, YET!

i'm sure he will sneak in but not here yet.

Ninja said...


I still remember how quick was Hemantha who also was first to call him as ltte a b1tch, to pick this guy. Anyway just observe when you argue with some one who use A -> B -> C -> D -> A way again and again, possible diverting from useful topic to useless topic, there are not so many like that. Specially when SamP is not around, better way for multi/pakis to sneak is write less his own, copy paste more and keep low posting rate. He is a master of his job. to his credit. Anyways I have no big issue.

Moshe Dyan said...

comic relief from toiletnet.

"[TamilNet, Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 04:45 GMT]
Private and government banks rushing to Jaffna peninsula to open their branches and the opening of the fifth branch of Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) in Jaffna town Tuesday, in the name of development are but schemes aimed at exploiting the funds of peninsula residents, civil organizations in Jaffna said."

this is the first time i'm hearing banks and stock markets EXPLOITING ppl's funds just by opening for business!!

these "civil organisations" sure have a VERY STRANGE view of things.

Moshe Dyan said...

this is no joke.

"[TamilNet, Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 01:39 GMT]
While calls for independent investigations into Sri Lanka's war crimes continue to mount, and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's appointment of advisory panel on Sri Lanka's war-crimes shows no progress, ABC Radio Australia reported that Australian Young Lawyers Group in New South Wales is joining forces with the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) to take witness statements and prepare evidence on the conduct of Sri Lanka's Security Forces, and the Polical and Military Command for future war crimes tribunals on Sri Lanka."

Moshe Dyan said...

now buggers are trying the ICJ avenue.

here you only need a simple majority of UN member states. there is a danger. some states although knowing well there is nothing wrong in SL, might still think, "an investigation is the right thing to do to clear all doubt" or "no harm doing an investigation".

this is totally unnecessary and meddling in SL affairs.

who can we stop this?????

Moshe Dyan said...

how can we force toilet elam fellows to give up creating trouble for us????



it is a SHORT TERM benefit of colonization.

1. we do aggressive state sponsored fast tracked colonization.

2. then toilet elam buggers get scared.

3. we use middlemen like ASS to tell them to either stop all BS or suffer IRREVERSIBLE COLONIZATION which will ERASE all traces of tamil homolands.

4. we ANYWAY continue colonization at a slower rate.

5. there is no other thing we can use to control the toilet elam diaspora.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


The key reason why eelamists breturn with great plans is because, we are not on offensive. They have all their time freedom and clarity to decide next action. During war, so many things happened so fast that they had no time to find head or tail of it.

Colonization is the next move to unsettle them. If we start rapid colonization, they will suddenly want to find ways to stop taht. War crimes bul shit will be a second priority.

Always take your enemy out of comfort zones.

But do you think HE understands these. Do you think HE anticipate these. Do you even think HE anticipated war as solution in 2005. I think NO is answer to all. HE check the wind direction. Today there is no wind flowing for colonization.

Even the inactive patriotic front of WW, CR, DineshG, JHU, PNM etc are also not talking about it.

This big discussion has to begin. We can play a role in convincing teh potential lobbyists.

It has to begin from somewhere.

Moshe Dyan said...



that is another reason. CLARITY. TE MFs now have clarity bcos we have gone to sleep.

not only colonization will be a bargaining tool (although we won't negotiate it at the end of the day), it will SERIOUSLY unsettle the monies and send them hecter skelter like their arses on fire.

love to see that!!

unlike war crimes BS, there will be no time for them to waste on the colonization thing. it is CERTAIN and permanant!!!

we have to start this discussion.

we have to LINK the need to colonize to ANY AND ALL PROBLEMS FACING THE NATION.

e.g. cost of living
e.g. landlessness
e.g. food scarcity
e.g. unemployment among farming/fishing communities
e.g. unsustainable development, pollution, water shortages, climate change
e.g. the possibility of tamil madu colonization unless we colonize

for more mature audiences, we have to take the following.

how colonization can frustrate TE
how it will bring policy consistency through out the island nation
how it will build REAL PEACE not penpal peace
how it can diffuse indian expansionism
how it can prepare SL for potential investment right throughout the country. we have to accept the fact that china will be the investor and they don't want to get entangled in an area india has mroe control due to the presence of tamil madu ppl in the region.
long term defence sustainability.

Moshe Dyan said...

i meant "it will SERIOUSLY unsettle the monkies".

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Following facts are like gold. Hope it enriches the discussion. I am hooping that TS will come over here.


In DW, TropicalStorm said...

IDPs are being released into the demined areas gradually. Still there is inadequate civillian services to provide everything these people need. At a recent medical camp visit to the region I witnessed large scale skin infections, malnutrition, PTSD symptoms and many with imagined illnesses which the doctors are incapable of diagnosing and treating with limited facilities.
The army on the other hand tries to do whatever they can, soldiers even giving away their MREs and going hungry often.

The individual cases of suffering is enormous and the only help comes from sinhala groups. There are no tamil groups lending assistance in anyway to their own people. The bastards who tried very hard to destroy our country are now silent; they never had any interest in the plight of the tamils living here and it shows clearly.

In Killinochchi the population is largely unfriendly, though not hostile either. MI guys tell us that there is seething venom underneath, even among the civillians whose lives we are saving with our meagre resources. They are like animals, only difference being the lack of gratitude an animal would have for kindness given. These are creatures who live in a hell and deservedly so, I thought.

The LTTE destroyed everything for them and still they seem to hate us. The toilets are horrifying and the tamils are quite at home in that abyssmal filth. This is the legacy of their 'sole saviours' - an existance of sub human standards and eternal intellectual depravity.

There are some very good private groups who voluntarily take the difficulties in their stride and work tirelessly to rebuild these areas. What you can do is to inquire from trusted sources who they are and then extend any support you can.

I watched over 300 men, women and shildren fight over empty plastic bottles (unwashed, just emptied of Sprite, Coke etc and thrown away by others in Colombo). These are luxuries to these people who now have to walk miles to get water. UN supplies drinking water to some areas and the army is cleaning the wells poisoned by the LTTE with cyanide. At this rate it will take at least another year before life can return to any sense of normalcy in most areas.

Sri Lankan patriots must visit these areas with whatever they can afford to give away and help these people. The military cannot do everything that needs to be done. The more interactions the tamils have with people from the South, it will become easier to heal the wounds of this horrific war.

We can take the bullet holes from the flesh and the walls, but it will take unassuming friendship and benevolence of Sri Lankan public to rebuild the trust.

Pol Sambol said...


The thing with the "war crimes" bs is that the Government has gone to sleep over the matter.

They should be spending time non-stop fighting this around the world but since "noise" of it has died down they have stopped caring.

We have seen this throughout the 4 years where this idiot Government just does not seem to care about the country's image, then bitches when the "noise" against it becomes very big.

Our embassies in countries around the world (except Western ones as they already know the truth and are lying) must fully inform those nations political bodies what is really happening –their only source of information on SL is what the West says.

I have said many times before they need to "invest" in all sections of the political spectrum, NGOs, media etc etc in those nations. Investing includes, money, bribes, free holidays in SL, anything and everything to win them over.

One key aspect of doing this is to tell them how Tamils were imported in by the West to subjugate Sinhalese and lower Sinhalese into 3rd class citizens by running apartheid. As suddha did this in every country they savagely occupied we can win support very fast. A nation to target in particular is Brazil, while also not taking for granted nations we already on "good terms" with in SEA including China.

Pol Sambol said...

The nature of the UNP, Ranil, and UNP zoombie supporters:

"April 28, 2010 06:48 am



Too bad they do not think the same about the country. Instead of spitting on it all the time. But to them its "party first, country last". And they wonder why they loose elections?

aqua said...

Moshe, SK and anyone else in the topic of colonization.

I agree with Moshe that it has to be done..There is NO question about it.
infact do not even CALL it by that word.

it is simply settling citizens into war ravaged areas. and we cant help it if 80% happen to be sinhalese. thats not relevant. if someone tries to make it relevant they need a good knock on the head.
do people in the south say these are sinhala areas you cant live here?
muslim, tamil speaking and sinhala speaking people all live there. so the word COLONIZATION just has an ugly ring to it and should be phased off.

colonization is what happened when spanish entered latin america or when europeans drove out the native americans.. and it has murder and exploitation attached to the word.

lets just not even use it.
because its a little country and its citizens should learn to live with each other and not focus on building fences as high as possible.

Pol Sambol said...


What we want is SL to do what is "colonisation". Yes it is an ugly/inappropriate word because we are not stealing someone elses land. The fact the word was coined by Tamilia in the first place was to prevent any movement of Sinhalese to the North and East (while brutally slaughtering those who were already there).

But it does best describe what we want.

Can always call its "development" and "nation building" while carrying it out.

We use the word because it best described what is to be/needs to be done. Obviously the Government must use (assuming they want to follow this path which sadly all indicators point they do not) a different word.

Heck doing it without mentioning it anywhere is perfect.

Government can call it "helping the poor" or even "reconciliation"(LOL) but what is a must is to alter the demographics to frustrate Tamilia.

Once Sinhalese are there they cannot be removed. Otherwise its RACISM and ETHNIC CLEASNING. We can fire back at them and they will look like the racists they are.

aqua said...

pol sambol.. yeah definitely right.. doesnt matter what its called the government should definitely encourage and provide means of resettlement and work on populating these areas. also it will naturally happen but that might take longer.

also i am not that aware of the indicators you spoke of.. that is worrisome. we should use what means available to make sure that it stays on the agenda.


you might be taking this a bit too far. when speaking of regular people like they are a different species.

the problem is the few who create and spread catchy ealamist views. guess a lot of ppl here have talked about how to deal with that.

one other thing i should say is (although not directly related .. its within the same area of the topic) the freedom of religious views thing. ofcourse anyone should be free to worship/believe in anything from rocks to gods. but i think the mosques chanting prayers on loudspeakers for a whole village to hear is messed up.

i have heard that some buddhist temples have started broadcasting their prayer sessions at certain events too.
this is an utterly pointless thing to do.

and it is imposing your VOICE/NOISE on your neighbours (its noise pollution more than anything else because a non muslim wouldnt understand whats being said at the mosque and a non muslim cannot understand whats being said at the temple)

i am not aware of hindu and christian examples with regard to noise pollution but they could exist.

would be great if something could be worked out based on mutual respect for your neighbours and such and not blast peoples ears off. if someone really wants to listen then they should go in or listen to a recording at home.. sri lanka is too small for everyone to be having loud speakers and preaching peoples ears off.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...

is this communist thinking or plain racism (unwillingness to have ppl of other communities in the society).

no wonder communst MFs join tamil elamists.

"Indian corporate to build high-rise buildings, apartments, in Jaffna
[TamilNet, Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 10:12 GMT]

The insensitivity of the Indians to think of apartments to tourists while people who own the country are incarcerated and are made to languish in camps and shelters is provoking, commented Eezham Tamil circles.

The ecology of Jaffna in groundwater is very fragile. Even in irrigating garden plots from wells rotation is observed by farmers as groundwater supply in the limestone wells are limited.

High-rise buildings and apartments mean, the groundwater in the entire surrounding area will be depleted and also will be polluted by sewage, said a geographer of Jaffna.

“Perhaps the same corporate will then bring in ‘mineral water’ to sell.” he further commented adding that “it is for this day-robbery sovereignty and power of decision making in development has been snatched away from Eezham Tamils."

Moshe Dyan said...


i agree the word has a bad stink. but the problem with other words is (as pol, SK, bljja pointed out) VAGUENESS.

when we do it, we should DEFINITELY NOT use it.

Moshe Dyan said...

TS has a valid point.

GOSL should settle them fully ASAP. it's been one year now.

these ppl in vanni are NOT northern tamils. they are indian tamils who escaped to vanni to avoid sirima-shastri pact. that is why they don't get help from tamils.

LTTE MFs use them to gain political milage.

govt should fully resettle them ASAP. i find it difficult to believe that demining is still going on.

Moshe Dyan said...


good point.

that IMPORTANT PROBLEM has to be handdled by helping sinhala businessmen establish themselves.

entrpreneurship among sinhalas has to be popularised.

that is one successful story of colonization!!!

i fully support tamil colonization of colombo, etc. but certainly not tamil madu colonization of SL.

Moshe Dyan said...


re: war crimes BS

OTOH the US has vertually given up on that BS.

US agreed to hold or held (??) military drills with SLDFs recently. that means they don't believe SL did any war crimes.

they also didn't insist on SL providing answers to their possible war crimes report.

Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...


They refused to have training with the Special Forces as "protest" based on their contractual agreement with Gonseka and his foul mouth, but I assume they went ahead when Gota refused to budge, though I am not sure. Who the hell are they to lecture us anyway? And frankly i am against any "training" with civilian butchers like them as a matter of principle.

If they were in human shield situation as we were they would have just flattened the place, blamed all civilian causalities on those who created the human shield and awarded themselves medals. We sacrificed thousands of soldiers to rescue a hostile civilian population, suddha's would never make such a sacrifice. Furthermore the human shield idea and thus humanitarian catastrophe was THEIR idea in the first place which the LTTE/Tamilia implemented, all done to create grounds to justify intervention to pro-long war & misery here and save the LTTE leadership (they are extremely pissed it did not work, hence got their propaganda outlets –“free media”- to make up the “blood bath” they hoped would happen and LTTE failed to deliver, naturally their willing Tamilia allies work 100% with them).

Now just because they have "gone quiet" on it, it does not mean it won't be used. Most likely they are "threatening" SL with this war crimes bs which they created if we do not play ball (maybe using it to STOP colonisation? With hopes of keeping Tamil separatism alive).

We need an "independent" group to attack them on it.

Also my idea with "investing" in other countries is to keep them on our side otherwise as you said UNSC members might agree to a war crimes bs because they are not fully briefed. Many nations rely on what Western media says to learn about the world around them.

This is why we need to attack the US/West about it. Just need to humiliate and tar them in return. That will keep them off from us.

In other countries, Governments bothered about the nation’s well being with properly functioning Foreign Ministries would be working around the clock with this goal in mind to keep the nations name clean and save from such bs. However this idiotic Government waits till shit hits the fan several times. It thinks that the West has ditched their attempts to “castrate” the country because they kissed MRs hand recently and have been quiet thus far. RUBBISH. Those kisses were filled with venom and when it paralyses him then gives him a heart attack will the Government rush for the anti-venom.

Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...

Simply put the war to defend our nation NEVER ended. Maybe in SL, but in the rest of the world it is still on going, if we do not fight it outside of SL it will return to within.

People (including MR and most of the Government save for maybe GR) have forgotten this, are not fully aware of it or not really that bothered any more because "bombs have stopped now, war is over". That maybe the case in SL but Tamilia/die-ass-pora and suddha (and even India) have not given up trying to make us suffer.

aqua said...

"i fully support tamil colonization of colombo, etc. but certainly not tamil madu colonization of SL."
yeah definitely get that spirit.

i didnt mean to b**** about a word, (and take ppls attention from more important issues) its just bad rep to use it openly because it can be used against sri lanka which is why i brought it up.

but for the purposes of the blog it makes sense and i get it now.

SK yeah unnecessary noise indeed. bljja.. mind pollution is voluntary plus i did not ignore the wellawatta if you noticed.

i doubt it that MR has forgotten the threat still exists. specially with kp still in the hands i bet GR is still at his task of tracking down funding and the diaspora web.

most of the diaspora would not even come back to sl anyway but as a means of existence or for the sake of having a purpose in life i bet they are feeding some hatred (justified and not) to their kids and its this new generation now that is starting to get fired up for things they do not even understand.

i was stopped once at an international airport by a us born tamil security officer and i could feel the joy the bugger got asking me some questions with authority. me, being aware of his power trip asked what his hometown was.. he proudly said jaffna, sl..watching what my reactions would be. i could have bet a nut that he hadnt set foot in sl.

Unless the govt takes steps to diffuse internal tensions by well planned colonization to promote more harmony it is going to take longer for the foreign haters to find some other purpose in their life.

Pol Sambol said...


"i was stopped once at an international airport by a us born tamil security officer and i could feel the joy the bugger got asking me some questions with authority. me, being aware of his power trip asked what his hometown was.. he proudly said jaffna, sl..watching what my reactions would be. i could have bet a nut that he hadnt set foot in sl. "

You could have screwed him for racism.

Pol Sambol said...


"i doubt it that MR has forgotten the threat still exists. specially with kp still in the hands i bet GR is still at his task of tracking down funding and the diaspora web."

Aqua i disagree.

MR does not know WTF is going on. From everything which has happened it seems he is just groping in the dark and travelling aimlessly. They stupidly asked the die-ass-pora for help with the IDPs, what happened? We got “concentration camps”.

Anyway as for KP i wish they had announced it, that said with Gonseka's birth this might have come out and caused more problems.

Pol Sambol said...

Maybe SL should try this:

"The serial honeytrap girl accused of trapping at least SIX Kremlin critics in online sex stings

Her name is Katya, and while some say she looks like a girl next door, her victims claim she is the bait deployed by the Kremlin to lure Vladimir Putin's critics into embarrassing sex 'honeytraps' aimed at destroying their reputations.

With piercing blue eyes, one thing is clear about this seductive amateur model - influential men in Moscow's opposition circles have an uncanny habit of ending up in bed with her, with the cameras rolling, and the grainy footage finding its way onto the Russian blogosphere.
Her latest victim is radio journalist and satirist Viktor Shenderovich, 52, married with a daughter, who admitted cheating on his wife while also blasting the secret services - and in particular Putin's henchmen - for setting him up.

Formerly a script writer for Russian Spitting Image who has accused the prime minister's circle of corruption and killings, he said bitterly: 'Putin's administration was listening to these allegations with enormous cool, and without denying any of it, they answered with their typical, illegal filth.'

His admission came as footage of him in a Moscow flat with Katya was released on the web, prompting critics to warn that the days of the Soviet era KGB are returning.

Hitting back at Putin - a former KGB spy - Shenderovich admitted: 'I did have Katya - without much pleasure though, as she was as boring as your whole dull Gestapo.'

In all six opponents of the ruling elite have been given Katya's treatment, all in the same bedroom in a flat in central Moscow.

The video featuring Shenderovich also included carefully edited X-rated clips evidently involving two extreme nationalist politicians Alexander Potkin and Eduard Limonov.

Potkin admitted he was secretly filmed, protesting: 'Now you see that there are no guarantees of having your private life protected.'

Limonov, the divorced founder of the National Bolshevik Party, insisted: 'I do not see anything objectionable about the fact that opposition men do not refuse women.'

Another victim, Ilya Yashin, unmarried leader of Solidarity opposition group, admitted to a brief sexual fling with Katya, who he claimed is a secret services agent.

He said his fleeting relationship with her was as long ago as 2008, and it ended after he became suspicious when he offered her a threesome, producing her collection of sex toys and handcuffs.

He asked her if he was being filmed. She denied it. But as soon as she got out some cocaine, he says he fled.

He insisted he did not feel guilt, and had done nothing illegal.

Shenderovich's admission follows an earlier compromising video circulated featuring Mikhail Fishman, who edits Russian Newsweek, which has run stories critical of the Kremlin.

He appeared to be snorting cocaine while the same woman - Katya - walked naked around an apartment that is believed to have been rented by the secret services.

Pol Sambol said...

Another member of his party, Roman Dobrokhotov, alleges he was targeted by Katya last year - but claims she called herself Zhanna, offering him a 'small mountain' of marijuana. Anti-immigration extremist Alexander Belov-Bodkin also fell into Katya's clutches.

Several victims are also shown paying bribes to police officers - who are believed to be actors, as is another woman, who some say was Katya's room mate Nastya Chukova.

Shenderovich has warned that other 'notable public figures' are set to be exposed by Sexgate revelations.

He warned: 'This is not entertainment, the filming was done professionally, federal forces were involved in it. This is being done by the authorities for two purposes: to discredit and to blackmail.'

If they refused to do the bidding of the Putin administration, they would be exposed, said Shenderovich, whose marriage is reported to be going through problems following the disclosures.

It was pointless taking legal action over invasion of privacy, he added.

'The justice system in Russia belongs to the very system that is engaged in this criminal activity. It is one authoritarian system,' he said.

'This is not a case where we should hide and apologise. It is a case where those who invade the private life of other people should be prosecuted and punished,' he said.

Fishman, also married, said at the time: 'I've no doubt that the security services played a role in this.'

A Putin spokesman said he had no knowledge of the alleged sex trap.

Katya - or Ekaterina Gerasimova, and nicknamed Moo-Moo for unclear reasons - is listed as an amateur model with Progress modelling agency in Moscow. The agency said it did not know what its models did 'in their spare time.'

Ostensibly, the footage has been released by an obscure group calling itself the 'Civil Committee for the Defence of Morality, Law and Civil Agreement'.

Experts say that the technology deployed in Katya's bedroom is sophisticated, featuring multiple camera angles, music and clips from a popular comedy show between the sordid bedroom scenes.

Her face is also digitally obscured in the footage.

Pol Sambol said...

Russian intelligence sources are divided over those behind it. 'This needs professionals,' insisted retired FSB agent Kirill Kabanov.

'You need to observe the target, bug his phones so you know his timetable and then make sure the victim suspects nothing.'

But retired KGB general Alexei Kondaurov denied state intelligence was involved.

'More likely it was private security firms who had the appropriate technical equipment.'
So far it is only Kremlin critics, not loyalists, who have been exposed.

Honeytraps were used in Soviet times by the KGB - predecessor of the FSB - to seek to ensnare Western politicians and diplomats.

There have been claims the KGB tried but failed to catch Harold Wilson - later British prime minister - on a trip to Moscow in the 1950s.

But in 1968, Winchester-educated ambassador Sir Geoffrey Harrison was seduced here by his Soviet maid Galya, described as 'a blonde of ample proportions'. After being recalled to London, he admitted: 'I let my defences drop.'

Last year British diplomat James Hudson was targeted in what was widely seen as a classic 'honeytrap' operation by Russian secret services.

The 37-year-old deputy consul in Ekaterinburg quit the Foreign Office after being filmed with two women in a sauna and massage parlour close to the British consulate.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Now just because they have "gone quiet" on it.."

true. that doesn't mean they have given up creating trouble for us.

but there is another side to it.

we should not "trouble troubles, until troubles trouble us".

get what i mean????

1. we should be ready but not do anything towards them about it.

2. to make matters more interesting, GR named the US-SL joint drill "humanitarian operation" the SAME name we gave the war!!

US can either be part of it or forget about it.

according to hilarious they have accepted it with great pleasure!!

we must grab WHATEVER opportunities big boys throw at us.

if they come on our terms, we should not hesitate for a SECOND to pick them up as hungry ethiopians would pick food packets!!!

excuse me for extreme examples, but that is what it is.

3. on the warcrimes BS. IF AT ALL it creates trouble for us, it comes NOT from media bullshit (like channel 4) but from the quarters of INTERNATIONAL LAW.

media BS should be handled by MoD.

international law crap should be handled by the law professor who is the new foreign minister. at least he should have the knowledge. at least he should know the law and have a basic idea of how to handle it.

both co-ordinating would be ideal.

my point is, while we remain ever ready to counter, we should exercise restraint. bash ONLY WHEN NEEDED. defend only when needed. bcos otherwise we can create an unnecessary ego-centric response from our whities!!

but that "hired hitman approach" is fantastic.

our target in such a approach should be the LTTE DIE-ARSE-PORA not the suddas.

Moshe Dyan said...



Moshe Dyan said...


"Her name is Katya, and while some say she looks like a girl next door, her victims claim she is the bait deployed by the Kremlin to lure Vladimir Putin's critics into embarrassing sex 'honeytraps' aimed at destroying their reputations."

true russian style elimination!!

if SL does it, it would need HOMOs!!!

Pol Sambol said...


My point is we should be ready.

However the West has already defamed us, we need counter defaming from an "independent" group/media.

What they do not do/say directly they get their media to do (or another lackey like Gonz). They have created the illusion of "war crimes", and "genocide" with their media trials. We are already "guilty" as result, regardless of what real evidence there is or international law (when did suddha follow this crap called "international law" anyway? Something which they created to control other nations and flout openly when they want) This "negativity" and "media trials" is something we need to counter (being people of colour and from a weak third world country we are already guilty from the one set, from the moment someone accuses us of such bs, as that is the mentality of these savage white apes).

Mangala said...

On another note... (a Fiji Friend sent this to me)

Hunt for FNPF exec
Thursday, April 29, 2010

THE Fiji National Provident Fund is searching for a chief financial officer in Sri Lanka.

FNPF chief executive officer Aisake Taito and human resources manager Jonetani Tonawai are in Colombo to conduct interviews.

Mr Taito confirmed the fund would interview prospective candidates with a view towards recruiting a Sri Lankan to take up the position within the superannuation fund.

The FNPF team will return at the end of the week.

Also in the hunt for Sri Lankan financial experts is Telecom Fiji Limited.

Board chairman Tom Ricketts and member Abraham Simpson are in Colombo to recruit a senior member for tfl's management team.

Mr Ricketts would not comment on the position which they hope to fill but confirmed that he and Mr Simpson would be in Sri Lanka to speak to possible candidates for a management position.

The FNPF and tfl board members left Fiji on Saturday and travelled through Hong Kong.

The tfl board members return to Fiji tomorrow.

Mr Taito said the calibre of candidates for the CFO position was extremely high.

Most applicants had at least one post-graduate degree and many had two undergraduate degrees, he said.

By hiring Sri Lankans, the FNPF and tfl will join the Fiji Development Bank, Flour Mills of Fiji, Vodafone and CJ Patel which have hired financial experts from that country.

The Ministry of Justice has also hired Sri Lankans to fill positions in the judiciary and the magistracy.

Sri Lanka is recognised as a leading provider of financial and engineering experts because of the high standard of education and the large number of people with double degrees.

The judiciary has looked to Sri Lanka for members f the bench because that country's laws are based on British Common Law.

Pol Sambol said...

"if SL does it, it would need HOMOs!!! "

LOL! So true.

But maybe we could try this for the NGO clan, and monkeys at SundayLeader ect ect not the retard opposition.

Then "release" the information at a time when we're in the "spot light" and those tossers all come out of the wood work, great way to humiliate them internationally as it hurts them more (then release their other shoddy dealings i.e. being the NGO scum they are).

No point releasing such info (if it was collected) at random because most in SL already know, but Western media would never report it as they are strict enforces of censorship, best seen in the manner they never report anything negative about Gonz. Even when Gonz threaten people with death. (Which is why we need our own international and influential media of course creating such is expensive and would take a long time to build in terms of reputation).

We could also try something similar with Western ambassadors. Since most white apes are paedophiles we could always "lure" some of these diplomats (like the savage from the EU), journalists and other anti-SL SoBs to some "dinner" or something (or an invitation for a Katya episode), plant some kids in the room, have the NCPA ready with cameras and all and then swoop in and arrest them on charges of "child smuggling, paedophile/sex abuse etc etc". Make it look like a sting operation to catch the "international buyer/smuggler/paedophiles" etc etc and BAM! Its a high level Western ambassador/journalist. There would be so much spin and shock out of it, it would humiliate these suddhas, they can protest their innocence but that would not matter.
Best way to tar these people is like that.

Moshe Dyan said...

but we have to tie gonzeka b4 that.

otherwise each time the poor bugger will be caught in the trap.

known sex maniacs like pakayasothi, hack-him, mongol, gonason, etc. will be easy victims.

keeping an eye on ALL anti-SL elements is a good thing. that way we can plan CUSTOMIZED TRAPS for them.

Ninja said...

Now what? Auzs decraled innocent and released who supplied arms to LTTE. What will Neds court do? Give an award? SL court will declare innocent and relaese Gonz later. Only sun-goat missed the chance to go for a trial and get proven innocent and released... HIKz This may be a grand plan from IC thugs to take to courts all these terrorists, and demand GSL do war crime investigations and take MR/SLA to int. court and finally terrorists proven innocent and GSL found guilty...

/A bigger leader than KP among the 7 LTTE rounded up in Netherlands

According to news reaching Lanka e news , among the 7 LTTE members who were arrested in Netherlands , there is an LTTE leader by the name of 'Madiyasan' who is more powerful than Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP who was arrested in Malaysia.

Based on the information provided by the International intelligence service, Madyasan is known by the name of ‘Grandhe’ (boss) . At the time of his arrest he was in possession of a French passport. Switzerland and German passports too were found in the possession of Madhyasan when he was searched.. Within the LTTE , if KP is a Manager , Madhiyasan is accepted as an operations commander, the Int. intelligence service added.

The Nertherlands officials who made the arrest have elicited information from Madhiyasan , that he visits his offices in Netherlands and Switzerland every week.

When Prabhakaran was living , KP was kept away from the international relations of the LTTE . In his place , an individual called Castro under Nediyawan was appointed as another LTTE leader , and the international affairs operations were conducted by him.

The Int. intelligence service is investigating the links between Nediyawan who was in charge of collecting funds from the Tamil Diaspora ,and Madhiyasan. They are also inquiring into whether Nediyawan and Madhiyasan refer to the same person , according to reports reaching Lanka e news.

SL officials announced that Kumaran Pathmanathan was arrested in Malaysia on 05th August . The Tamil media reported that KP was arrested on the information gathered from Perimpanaygam Sivaparan.

After the death of Prabhakaran , KP proclaimed that he was the new leader . But , the Nediyawan’s group rejected KP as the leader./

Ninja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ninja said...

Re: Colonization

Even when terrorists bombed and killed civilians in south weekly basis until SLA reach K'chi the peace lovers in UPFA (leftists + CBK loyalists) advised so called solution for a so called ethnic problem. Now they are preaching same again relating to new constitution. Even IF PCR/WW/DG ask for colonization in NE they will face strict resistance from leftists. If we can make these leftists get agreed somehow that would be a good deal.

Another hindrance for such re-colonization is large support UPFA enjoys in south. If they colonize NE and do it well chances are high they wining all districts island wide in future elections. But the huge margin UPFA enjoys in south does not help them to even think about it.

Anyway, any one tried to email this as a well documented suggestion to MR/GR/BR/WW/PCR? I think it would worth trying. MDs article/ figures should be there but need more. I think Ananda-USA is good for this. My suggested outline

1. History of conflict
2. Reasons for conflict [How mono-ethnic tamiz NE motivated separation]
3. DSS colonization [Plan, Problems, Advantages, Why it stopped]
4. How DSS colonization made TE hard dream [Walioya, Padaviya]
5. Advantages of colonization [Economic wise, military wise, development wise, unitary wise, integrity wise, peace wise, election wise]
6. Potential problems and how to react
7. Dealing with resistance from India/UN and int. thugs
8. Doing propaganda in SL
9. Risk of continuing current ethnic ratio
10. Possible oppositions and how to negate

And perhaps the most important one - how much commissions politicos can earn... This figure worth sending to all UPFA MPs..

Also, there is a big risk doing small scale colonization or natural immigration. That is such sinhalese may become tamils in next generation.. Thus large scale colonization is a must..

Pol Sambol said...

"International intelligence service"

Who are they? Another exclusive for LeN.

Ninja said...

Re: Name for colonization

As I know the only english word is 'colonization' (janapadakaranaya in sinhala) to say what we mean. If word/name is going to be any problem just re-word or re-name. One example is bad word 'war' renamed to good word 'humanitarian operation'. Another is 'mahawaliya'. GSL used 'uthuru wasanthaya' and 'nagenahira navodaya' but they do not include any colonization. Perhaps GSL can extend same program under same name including colonization. Or introduce new ones like 'uthuru sanwardana wiyapruthiya'. Another issue may be to deal with NE small parties in UPFA. Let them earn good commision.

Moshe Dyan said...

"But the huge margin UPFA enjoys in south does not help them to even think about it. (colonization)"

the large margin may be lost due to colonization. this was the fear bandaranayakes had.

but not true.

MOST landless ppl in the south are NOT traditional SLFP voters.

they get attracted to communism (JVP) and to cheap gimmicks for the poor (UNP).

so there is a proportionate reduction for every major party in the south.

when settled, if they are happy, they will vote for the ruling party.

practically, they will be registered voters in 2 districts. IF required, they can be transported on the election day!!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

agree with ninja about bringing it to the attention of govt.

also agree that a more decent & diplomatic writer should do it with my fullest support.

i'm still struggling with ONE article i sent to a supposedly "patriotic" website on colonization. i changed a few terms and few other things but still get the same treatment.

other articles are published.

IF they continue to refuse it, i'm afrain bloggers here will have the misfortune of digeting it!!

disagree with leftists in the govt.

they are POWERLESS and they know it.

they survuve in the govt not bcos of their ideology but bcos of their arselicking abilities.

but they will shout for the sake of shouting as they did during previous colonization schemes. but will not be able to disrupt anything.

Asithri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Asithri said...


Good post brother!

Very factual, very technically-poignant in my view!

OaO Asithri

Moshe Dyan said...

11. how to avoid war crimes/genocide. believe or not certain types of colonization schemes are warcrimes/genocide!!

especially if they are INTENDED to erase the presence of a certain ethnicity.

we don't do that.

we keep them and colonize. it is also multiethnic. only difference is tamils in the multiethnic part come from existing residents in the north!!! few upcountry tamils will be settled too.

12. and the few things i mentioned in a previous post that are not included above.

commissions for politicians is a MUST. otherwise nothing happens in that part of the world. should not be as high as gamini disanayaka time but should be reasonably high to MOTIVATE inefficient politicians.

Moshe Dyan said...



the bitter truth.

a bit like DIY work. you do some work around the house on a sunday. you complete it, have a shower and sip a beer, listening to a good old hela song. then you realize that there's bit more to do, something needs fixing.

we tend to brush it aside and say DOH, next week.

MOST SLs don't like to do anything after winning the war. they want to take their mind away from it and enjoy until terrorists strike again.

that won't work. we have to understand the shitt situ OVER THERE and fix it over there so that it won't get out of hand.

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